Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Making a Move

Hey guys!  Just wanted to throw up a quick post to let you know that after 7 years and 1050 blog posts I'm moving my blog from Blogger to Wordpress.  I've been frustrated with the app and some of the features, which has made it difficult for me to post as often as I once did.  Hopefully this move will encourage me to start writing more frequently again!

So now you'll be able to find me at https://madamclerkblog.wordpress.com/  I hope you update your bookmarks and readers accordingly and follow me over there!  It looks a lot prettier too!

And don't worry - I've migrated everything over so all my old posts have come along with me!

Treats of the Week(s) - Fall Stuff

Hey guys - I have been eating it hard on writing these posts!  I'm finding them to be more and more time consuming, which is probably why I've been favouring Instagram lately!  It's funny - I really resisted Instagram at first because I didn't see the point in just sharing one photo at a time.  Now I appreciate it as more of a "micro blogging" platform and enjoy the challenge of telling a joke or a story in one photo and a short caption.

In any event - it is fully fall around here, complete with all the yard work that comes along with it.  Vivian and I have had a busy couple of weeks with my birthday (34 yo!) and Halloween, and a trip to Quebec for Vivian!  Here's what else has been going on - in no particular order because I was too lazy to organize photos like that.

  • On Sunday I got to see Face to Face for the first time!  It was a great show - and I somehow managed to survive being right up in the front row!

  • Sunday was also Brody's first birthday!  I haven't had the heart yet to tell Vivian that she missed the party since she was away on her trip to Quebec.

  • Jenn and I spent the day a few weeks ago wandering around London checking out vintage shops and anything else we came across.  While at the Brydges Street Market I found this vintage ad for the second time.  See, about a year ago I came across this amazing vintage Alice in Jello-Land advertisement.  I loved it - but it was $24 which felt a little steep for an old ad thrown in a frame.  So being the wise individual that I am, I walked away from it and assumed I could find a copy of the ad online, print it out and just frame it myself.  I googled and googled but came up with nothing about this ad campaign.  So I returned to Brydges for it, and of course it was gone.  I couldn't find it anywhere in the whole market, so it just got filed away in my memory for another time.  I don't know what happened with it, but it had magically reappeared when Jenn and I were there - same price too.  This time I happily handed over my $24 to take it home.

  • Apparently Coach is doing a line of bags with dinosaurs on them, so now I need a Coach bag.  Feel free to buy me one.

  • I'm still waiting on another gift from Dustin (apparently he's working on some sort of crazy project, which sounds about right).  But I did get this awesome Stranger Things print from Jenn for my birthday!  Hawkins represent!

  • My mom gave me a Bath and Body Works gift certificate for my birthday too, which was promptly spent on as many Twisted Peppermint things as I could get my hands on. 
  • In further birthday news - I actually won $14 on scratch tickets!
  • It's funny how thifting goes in cycles.  Lately I haven't been able to find anything London or Canadiana related, but I've been all over the vintage movie novelizations.

  • Vivian and I both agree that Halloween items should be worn year round, as evidenced by these crazy eye glasses.

  • This Halloween house in London isn't far from my work and they do such an amazing job!  I'm so glad I took the time to check it out up close this year.  All of the grave stones in the yard are for different celebrities who have passed away this year.

  • I got my birthday slice of pizza from Stobie's and I've basically never been more pleased with a piece of pizza.
  • Vivian's Halloween costume turned out amazingly well - I was so pleased with it, and she loved it!  None of the kids knew who she was, of course, but the parents did!  Adding Thing to her shoulder was Dustin's idea and it was the perfect touch.  

  • I also got to go to a pumpkin carving party at my friend Nikki's place, which was such a fun time!  I didn't go too elaborate with mine, and as always I wish I'd had more time to carve more!

  • It was Forest City Comicon this past weekend, which was a great time as always.  It was strange to walk around without Vivian, but there will be lots more cons for her.  I didn't pick up too many things, but I did find some fun pins and a great Wednesday notebook for Vivian, along with another poster for the basement.
  • I love getting sweet notes sent home from Vivian's teacher!

  • I'm sure there's more that I should be adding, but I can't think of any at the moment.  I'm expecting to be at my laptop on the couch all night watching election coverage though - you can follow me on Twitter @ashlieclerk for all my rants!