Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Treats of the Week - There's Something in the Air

Do you guys feel it too?  Like along with those cooler nights and darker mornings we've been having, everyone's mood has been a little cool and dark as well?  Something about the shift in season, or maybe the full moon last week, or Mercury being in retrograde again seems to be making people a little antsy and annoyed.  I know I've been in full-on "let me just lie in bed all night watching weird documentaries and eating pizza" mode lately (that was literally my Saturday night, and it was awesome).  Today, Vivian came home from school and basically went straight to bed, announcing that she was too tired to go to yoga tonight.  I agreed and got into bed beside her to cuddle and read my book.

Yes, there's something in the air.

  • Summer might be winding down but Sunday dinners at my mom's are still summery - check out this beauty of a meal!

  • My brother Matt starts trade school today to be an electrician.  I sent him a text wishing him well on his first day, and said that I hope it wasn't a shock.  I'm expecting to get a lot of mileage out of electrician jokes.
  • Vivian has been really into Lush and bath bombs lately, and when she went there a couple of weeks ago she was nice enough to bring me home a flamingo shaped one.  Of course, she ended up using it herself but it was the thought that counts.
  • A paralegal at work told me my shoes were fantastic the other day, which is pretty great since they're not at all new.  Maybe people are just tired of seeing me wear the same sandals all summer.

  • My cousin Rusty got married a couple of weekends ago and it was such a beautiful wedding!  The ceremony was right on the lake and even though it was overcast and rainy for most of the day, things cleared up for the ceremony.  I didn't get many pictures, but there was a late night taco bar so it was basically the best.
  • I loved The Gymnasts books when I was a kid, and I still have the "Go for the Gold!" special from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.  I've been keeping an eye out for them at thrift stores to have for when Vivian is a little older and finally came across one this week!  Check out the hair on that cover!

  • Wooooo new overnight parking rules!  I've already used one of my 15 overnight parking passes and it's so easy and awesome!  Planning on leaving your car overnight in London?  Head to london.ca first to register your plate so you don't get a ticket!
  • The snack food gods have smiled upon us and delivered Chalet Sauce flavoured Lay's and they're amazing.  I found some small bags at the Swiss Chalet here in Strathroy but haven't yet located the large size bags.  Someone hijack a truck for me so I can stock up.

  • I really wanted to go to Toronto for some shows at the Just for Laughs festival, but the timing and ticketing didn't really work out.  Luckily, I got to see a comedy show last week when we went to Toronto to see Eric Andre.  His live show was completely unhinged.  Like, I got sprayed by a super soaker and got ranch salad dressing on my phone, and by the end of the act he was completely nude on stage.  It was awesome.
  • I've been wanting to try out these little mini metal models from Metal Earth, so I finally picked one up last weekend.  They're not expensive - this one was like $15 - and I thought it would be good to focus on.  I like doing jigsaw puzzles, but my cats like to knock them onto the floor.  So far I've  managed to put together like 8 pieces of my T-Rex, and I think I need to pick up some Krazy Glue to repair a couple of pieces that I broke.  I'm still enjoying it though, but I probably should have followed the instruction that recommended watching a YouTube video about it first.

  • I saw a dog riding with his head sticking out of the sunroof of a car the other day.  That dude knows how to live.
  • I finished watching Gilmore Girls so I'm totally ready for the revival in November!  Now I'm in that weird stage where I don't know what to watch next - I started catching up on Scandal the other night, but I need a new series to binge on.  Maybe I'll finally get around to watching The Wire.
  • New shirt that I probably/definitely need.

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