Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Treats of the Week - Staycation

I've often said that in order for me to get anything done around here I would have to take a week off work and a week off Vivian.  It's amazing how much energy you lose by the time you get through a day of work/parenting.  This week, I took a staycation.  I had a mini one there last month, but I wanted to take the first day of school off and then I needed to take Thursday off to work a French court.  It seemed silly to go to work on a Wednesday and a Friday, so I rounded up and called it a week off.  It's been AWESOME.  I've gotten so many things done around the house - just little piddly stuff that I never seem to get to.  It's only Wednesday and I've already destroyed my to-do list - all that's left is a second coat on the garage (I was going to do it tonight, but decided against it when I saw they were calling for storms tonight) and some proofreading.  I hit my transcript typing goal today (about 60 pages typed) and still had time to meet a friend for lunch and get Vivian from school.  I could get used to this.

  • Why yes, of course I grabbed the special variant cover of Civil War II featuring Justin Trudeau.  Might just end up on the Wall O' Canadiana.
  • Vivian had a successful start to Grade 1 - she's in a Grade 1/2 split class, which I'm not crazy about.  But we're three for three for no tears on the first day of school!

  • Friday I swung by Filthy Rebena to check things out - it's a great vintage shop on Dundas.  They've also started carrying some pins from No Fun and Rosehound Apparel, so of course I couldn't resist a couple, along with some vintage pin finds.

  • Scary movie nights have continued this week with a viewing of Would You Rather at home and then Don't Breathe at the theater.  I've officially decided that scary movie nights will continue through the Halloween season, and then in November can switch to non-traditional holiday movies with Black Christmas serving as the link between the two.
  • Today is the lovely Jenn's birthday!  We celebrated at her place on Saturday with a game of Pictionary - come on, you can totally tell that that's "waddle" below, right?  I'm pretty proud of myself for successfully drawing "Radar", "Salsa", and "Sound waves".

  • See what happens when you clean things up?  A couple of weeks ago Vivian was teaching Dustin how to play Barbies and insisted he take notes.  I thought I'd lost his little cheat sheet, but I found it in my office!  She's very thorough.

  • We moved Matt into his first apartment yesterday - pretty hard to believe that he's going to be out in the world on his own!  
  • I finally received word last week that I successfully completed the Diploma in Public Administration program.  I wasn't worried about my final paper, but it feels really good to know it's officially complete and I'll be graduating in October.  I'm not done though - just taking a bit of a break.  I plan on finishing the full Masters in Public Administration Program when Vivian is a little bit older, so probably start at it again in a couple of years.  In the meantime, there's a diploma program with the AMCTO that sounds like a good step for me, so I might start working on that for the winter semester.
  • All right - those episodes of Gilmore Girls aren't going to watch themselves!  I'm nearly done season 6, then on to the dreaded season 7.  

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