Friday, 23 September 2016

One Nightstand (Get it?)

I like nightstands.  You know when you see a magazine spread or a blog where they show you a nightstand and it's like a plant and a small lamp and that's it?  That's not a real nightstand.  I like seeing what people keep within arm's reach of their bed.  I spend a lot of time in my bed.  Many nights I eat there and watch TV there and basically live as though I have a bachelor apartment.  As such, my nightstand serves many purposes.  I love this little end table - I have two and have used them as nightstands since university.  They rotate around the house sometimes, but ultimately they are my favourite here beside the bed.  In university I used both - one as my "real" nightstand and one as an overflow for my school stuff.  Now the second one resides on the other side of the bed where Dustin covers it in coffee rings, DVDs and books.  

So what do I keep next to me?  Books, of course.  This is stage two of my TBR (to be read) pile.  These are the books that I'm planning on reading next.  I keep them organized into a pile of fiction and a pile of non-fiction since I like to bounce between the two.  The little owl dude was from Lucas, and I like to have candles around even though I'm pretty sure that the cats will set their tails on fire.  My earrings, which are rarely worn, hang out in the little egg carton tray.

The little campaign-style jewelry box houses the backs of my pins, along with bracelets.  On top is another tray (I like trays, okay?) for brooches since they don't work well on the cork board with my pins.  My anxiety meds hang out there too, because if they're not right in front of my face I'll forget to take them.  I'm 90% sure I forgot to take it this morning.  I also have an EOS lip balm hanging around back there.  They're my absolute favourite and are everywhere.  I keep bookmarks there too, and always have some sort of water glass or bottle hanging around.

The lower shelf is where my wrist braces usually hang out, since I wear them at night.  I don't see them in this picture though.  I know what you're thinking - wrist braces AND anxiety medication beside the bed?  HOT.  I also keep my comic books down there, I tend to wait a few months and then read a bunch at once.  There's also a workbook down there and anything else I might be working on.  It's not in the picture, but right now there's an adult colouring book and pencil crayons down there.  The spray bottle is glasses cleaner, and the shoebox at the back is for notes and cards since I'm basically still in high school.  The kettlebell typically is used as a doorstopper, although Vivian likes to lift them.

I feel like nightstands are kind of this little microcosm of ourselves.  Like the things that are closest to us at our most vulnerable state are what really define us.  Probably why the remote controls are nearest to the bed.

I know what you're wondering - no goody drawer?  You gotta work a little harder than that for the goody drawer.

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