Monday, 29 August 2016

Treats of the Week - End of August

I don't know what happened to this summer, do you?  It seems like I've been busy, yet I don't think I've really done anything.  Now here we are with school starting next week and I'm left feeling like it should still be July or something.  I don't know, maybe it's just from getting older.

  • First and foremost?  My brother, Brent, and his fiancee, Lizz, had their stag and doe on August 20th and it was pretty much the best party ever.  I got to have a great time with people I haven't seen in ages and watched the final Tragically Hip concert in a barn with a bunch of people.  It was a great night and now the countdown is on until Vegas next year!
  • One of the Korean interpreters at work gave me this bookmark the other day.  Booking interpreters can be a real pain in the ass sometimes but some of them are really lovely people.

  • Last year after Dustin's birthday he got me a gift (the collector's book of Pacific Rim) for no reason.  This year he did the same, getting me the London, Ontario colouring book and some other little odds and ends from Uber Cool Stuff.  I've decided that this is an acceptable tradition for me to get gifts after we celebrate his birthday.

  • Vivian has been super busy with dance lately - she had tumbling camp and now she's doing cirque camp and got a special private session with Kyle Wegg.  Kyle's aunt runs the dance studio we go to and he's an incredibly accomplished dancer already.  He's a member of the national hip hop team, but took some time out of his schedule to come to the studio for workshops with the kids.  It was a real pleasure to see him work with Vivian and comment on how flexible she is - even if she was being quite the little flirt with him.

  • I saw a car the other day drive by with a dog hanging its head out of the sunroof, which pretty much sums up summer
  • It was Retromania night at the Hyland this past weekend with a screening of Back to the Future.  I'd never seen it on the big screen and it was so fun to watch it with a crowd of people
  • We lost Gene Wilder today, and the news is hitting me pretty hard.  For the last few years, every time that a celebrity death broke the news I would worry about Gene Wilder.  Is he okay?  He was getting up there, and I just didn't want to imagine a world without such a magical man.  Since coming home today, Dustin and I have been talking about him at length and discussing just what it was that made him so special.  Even though he hasn't appeared on screen in years, it was nice just knowing he was still out there, and he's definitely going to be missed.  Check out this amazing tattoo that Pete Davidson has in tribute to him.

  • I took next week off and I'm sooooo looking forward to it.  Having a few days off there a couple weeks ago was really nice - just being able to putter around the house and organize things and get stuff done that I've been avoiding for so long.  We'll see how productive next week is - I'm definitely getting my lists ready!
  • I've been keeping a gratitude journal lately and I actually really enjoy it.  It seemed like a bit of a cheesy idea, but once I started it I found it really helps me to keep track of some things that I appreciate.  By noticing what actions matter to me I can better understand what I need to be happy, if that makes sense?

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