Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Treats of the Week - Done-Zo

I took a bit of an impromptu but much-needed break from the blog last week.  It was a crazy busy week and I'm so glad to have it over with!  My major research paper was due on Thursday, and true to form I was writing it the day it was due.  Of course I had completed all my research and had written an outline and had a plan of attack beforehand, but I didn't actually start writing it until the day of.  It worked out really well though - I took the day off and just worked away at it.  It came together pretty easily and now I'm just so glad to have it over!  While I was working on that I also had a massive transcript order to put together - it was over 2500 pages (mostly copies) that had to be assembled and shipped (it ended up being 30 pounds of transcripts).  So it was a crazy busy but very productive week which led into a very relaxed and extra-extra long weekend!  I feel so much better having the program over - it was a really busy year.  I definitely don't regret doing it, and have plans for more education in the future, but I'm planning to take at least a little bit of time off in the meantime!

So let's get to some of those backlogged treats!

  • I went to see House of Pain!  And it was the BEST!  So many people were teasing me about them being a one-hit-wonder group but seriously, the show was so awesome.  

  • I saw a car with a Charlie-series licence plate the other day (the sequence began with a C) for the first time.  It made me oddly happy.
  • I've been keeping an eye out at thrift stores for interesting vintage paperback books, because obviously I need something new to collect.  This one is definitely a winner.

  • Vivian and I took a trip out to the campground last week to visit my friend Amanda and her crew, along with a bunch of other families who were camping together.  Vivian had a blast running wild with the kids and swimming in the pool.  I'm not a big camper, but it definitely seemed like fun to hang out with such a big crowd of families like that!
  • Last week also had a trip to Toronto on Monday night to see David Cross at the Danforth.  It was a great show - super dark and very political.  I love seeing live comedy - just bough tickets today to go see Eric Andre at the Danforth next month!

  • We have a wedding to go to on Saturday, so Jenn and I spent the day this past weekend shopping for something for me to wear.  I came up empty handed though - so I'm still on the hunt this week (and just frantically ordered a bunch of options online).  I did, however, find this awesome fringe bag for 50% off at the Banana Republic Factory Store, so I'm hoping I can just assemble a dress around it or something.

  • Like everyone else, Dustin and I powered through Stranger Things and loved it!  I can't wait to cover myself in Hawkins swag now - I definitely need a Hawkins Power and Electric shirt and have my eye on a Hawkins AV Club pin online!
  • I got Vivian all registered for dance in the fall - we decided to go with the full-time competitive team!  It's going to be a fun year with more dance and more competitions, but I'm ready and so is Vivian!  We got the recital DVD from last year and Vivian's been watching it constantly.
  • Scary Movie in the Basement Night is still going strong - we've been working on a list of movies both classic and modern.  The biggest surprise so far has been Grave Encounters, which was so great.  It starts out really predictable but ends up in a pretty surprising place.  Amazingly, the sequel is super smart and entertaining too!
Hopefully now that I'm not so crazy stressed out and busy all the time I can get back to blogging a bit more regularly, although I'm definitely favouring Instagram more and more these days!  This is a short week - I'm off on Thursday to go to Toronto for my new (free!) tattoo so be sure to check @ashlie_nonsense on Instagram for the update there!

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