Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Treats of the Week - Sunfest, Sneezes, and Scary Movies

Yes, it's true that it's not Monday.  I've been lazy lately - a bit of a summer cold has had me snoozing on the couch in the evenings and terribly unmotivated.  I'm also becoming acutely aware that I need to book some time off work, if only to have something to look forward to.  It's only the middle of July and summer is getting to me already.  Too much work, not enough play!  Plenty of treats though!

  • The BEST news of this week is that I won a free tattoo!  I entered one of those Facebook like/comment kind of contests and my name was drawn for a free tattoo with an exceptionally talented artist!  I'm going to Toronto on August 4th for my session with Katrina Thibodeau.  She specializes in black and grey realism, and while that's not my preferred style I'm really excited to see what she comes up with!

  • Holy crap - are you guys watching the new HBO series "The Night Of"?  The first episode was riveting - I can't wait to watch it all unfold.
  • The nicest part of being sneezy is having strangers say "Bless you".  It always makes me smile, although I would prefer it if people had latched onto that Seinfeld "You're so good looking" thing.
  • Jenn and I ventured out for an evening adventure on Friday - a perfectly lovely trip to Sunfest for dinner followed by Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.  The movie was perfect for what we wanted - although I dock it some points because Zac Efron only takes his shirt off ONCE.
  • I did some buckling down on the weekend and got some work done - always hard to start but feels great once I get it done.  Still have lots more to do before the end of the month (my final paper deadline is looming) but I feel like I'm on track.
  • Vivian has started her Sunday night sleepovers at my mom's house.  It's awesome for her - she gets a sleepover and a day at Best Start on Monday and I get a little bit of time to get things done.  This week she even decided to stay an extra night at mom's - I was soundly rejected when I went to pick her up.
  • Dustin and I have started a fun new routine - watching scary movies in the basement.  It's been really fun to head downstairs with a blanket and a bottle of wine, turn off the lights and watch something spooky.  I rarely use the TV in the basement so this has been a really nice way to get some use out of it.
  • Old Navy had tank tops on sale for $3 on the weekend.  You know I stocked up - I have a concert next weekend which obviously demands a custom shirt.  One can never have enough black tank tops.

Take a page from my book - beat this heat by hiding in a nice cold basement with a scary movie!

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