Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Treats of the Week - No Phone, No Fun

You know how people say if you just put your cellphone down you'll remember how nice it is to be without it?  How freeing it can be to just exist without a cellphone?  Well on Sunday I found myself out for the day and I had forgotten my phone.  I NEVER forget my phone.  I take it downstairs with me when I change the laundry.  But there I was, out for the day with my mom and the kids and I had no cellphone.  My steps weren't being counted.  My meals weren't being diarized.  I had nothing to distract me during the super boring children's ventriloquist act.  It was terrible, and my mom mocked me.  Somehow, I survived.  #sobrave

  • I've been paying closer attention to the book section at thrift stores lately - a dangerous pursuit.  This novelization of Space Balls was definitely a great find though!

  • While I still love my enamel pins I've been checking out patches more and more lately, but don't quite know what I want to do with them.  These new stick on patches from Tuesday Bassen are very intriguing - it's like a sticker and a patch combined!

  • I took Vivian to see Ghostbusters tonight and while it was a little scary for her in some parts (she watched a lot of it from my lap) she ended up really liking it!  She even cut out their picture from the magazine when we got home because she wanted to hang it up in her room.  Proud feminist mom moment for me!
  • It was Lucas' birthday party on the weekend and even though I'm a grownup, Lucas picked out a Teeny Beanie Boo for me like I'm one of the kids.
  • Friday night was one of those lovely leisurely summer nights.  Dustin and I ended up walking about 17 kilometres taking in the Home County Folk Festival, checking out two gallery shows, grabbing some cheap dinner, and finally lounging on a picnic table with our spiked dollar drinks while we listened to Nelly at Rock the Park.  
  • The best treat of the week was when I went to pick Vivian up from my mom's place yesterday and found this going up in the backyard!  If you need me, I'll be stealing my mom's beers and hanging out by the pool.

It's a hectic week - my major research paper is due next Thursday and true to form I've left too much to the last minute.  I'll pull it together though - I always do!

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