Monday, 4 July 2016

Treats of the Week - Crashing Halt to the Long Weekend

What started out as a great long weekend came to a sudden stop around midnight last night when Vivian suddenly came down with...something?  The flu?  Too much fun?  Who knows.  All I know is neither of us got any sleep last night and I was doing laundry until 4am.  Luckily I already had the day off today so we could sit around and just relax.  She was in Toronto for the weekend so maybe her little body just had way too much fun.  Today was also marred with emails I could have gone without receiving, news about friends that isn't the best, and a general air of anxiety and nerves that left me puttering around the house unable to finish things.  Topping it all off was my computer shutting down in the middle of something I was working on and I lost about seven pages of typing. can only go up from here I guess?

  • Vivian did finish SK this week though - on to Grade 1 next year!  She is already saying that she's nervous for Grade 1 but I think she'll do just fine.  Her school didn't do a kindergarten graduation, but I kind of think that passing kindergarten is an expectation and doesn't necessarily warrant a party.

  • My Canada Day was spent at a wonderfully reckless fireworks party where miraculously there were no severe injuries.  It was a great time - but if they do it again next year I kind of want some Pharaoh's Serpent there.

  • While wandering the mall I wanted some juice but their stupid debit machine would not swipe my card.  Eventually the kid just got frustrated and asked if there was another way I could pay and when I came up about $1 short in change he said he would just pay for the rest.  Score!
  • I was super excited to find Two Guys and a Girl on DVD finally!  Not that I'm going to pay for it, but I'm excited that it exists in the world.  Fingers crossed it lands on Netflix.

  • Vivian and I had to go shopping for a birthday gift, which of course turned into her needing a new toy as well.  Funny how that works out.  Once she saw the display of toys for DC's Super Hero Girls I couldn't say no!  She loved all the toys - I was so glad to see so many of them on the shelves.  She picked out a new Wonder Woman doll and is so happy with it.  She was a little disappointed that she didn't come with a lasso but we made one out of a gold pipe cleaner.

Keep your nose clean, kids!  I already can't wait for this week to be over.

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