Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Treats of the Week - No Phone, No Fun

You know how people say if you just put your cellphone down you'll remember how nice it is to be without it?  How freeing it can be to just exist without a cellphone?  Well on Sunday I found myself out for the day and I had forgotten my phone.  I NEVER forget my phone.  I take it downstairs with me when I change the laundry.  But there I was, out for the day with my mom and the kids and I had no cellphone.  My steps weren't being counted.  My meals weren't being diarized.  I had nothing to distract me during the super boring children's ventriloquist act.  It was terrible, and my mom mocked me.  Somehow, I survived.  #sobrave

  • I've been paying closer attention to the book section at thrift stores lately - a dangerous pursuit.  This novelization of Space Balls was definitely a great find though!

  • While I still love my enamel pins I've been checking out patches more and more lately, but don't quite know what I want to do with them.  These new stick on patches from Tuesday Bassen are very intriguing - it's like a sticker and a patch combined!

  • I took Vivian to see Ghostbusters tonight and while it was a little scary for her in some parts (she watched a lot of it from my lap) she ended up really liking it!  She even cut out their picture from the magazine when we got home because she wanted to hang it up in her room.  Proud feminist mom moment for me!
  • It was Lucas' birthday party on the weekend and even though I'm a grownup, Lucas picked out a Teeny Beanie Boo for me like I'm one of the kids.
  • Friday night was one of those lovely leisurely summer nights.  Dustin and I ended up walking about 17 kilometres taking in the Home County Folk Festival, checking out two gallery shows, grabbing some cheap dinner, and finally lounging on a picnic table with our spiked dollar drinks while we listened to Nelly at Rock the Park.  
  • The best treat of the week was when I went to pick Vivian up from my mom's place yesterday and found this going up in the backyard!  If you need me, I'll be stealing my mom's beers and hanging out by the pool.

It's a hectic week - my major research paper is due next Thursday and true to form I've left too much to the last minute.  I'll pull it together though - I always do!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Treats of the Week - Sunfest, Sneezes, and Scary Movies

Yes, it's true that it's not Monday.  I've been lazy lately - a bit of a summer cold has had me snoozing on the couch in the evenings and terribly unmotivated.  I'm also becoming acutely aware that I need to book some time off work, if only to have something to look forward to.  It's only the middle of July and summer is getting to me already.  Too much work, not enough play!  Plenty of treats though!

  • The BEST news of this week is that I won a free tattoo!  I entered one of those Facebook like/comment kind of contests and my name was drawn for a free tattoo with an exceptionally talented artist!  I'm going to Toronto on August 4th for my session with Katrina Thibodeau.  She specializes in black and grey realism, and while that's not my preferred style I'm really excited to see what she comes up with!

  • Holy crap - are you guys watching the new HBO series "The Night Of"?  The first episode was riveting - I can't wait to watch it all unfold.
  • The nicest part of being sneezy is having strangers say "Bless you".  It always makes me smile, although I would prefer it if people had latched onto that Seinfeld "You're so good looking" thing.
  • Jenn and I ventured out for an evening adventure on Friday - a perfectly lovely trip to Sunfest for dinner followed by Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.  The movie was perfect for what we wanted - although I dock it some points because Zac Efron only takes his shirt off ONCE.
  • I did some buckling down on the weekend and got some work done - always hard to start but feels great once I get it done.  Still have lots more to do before the end of the month (my final paper deadline is looming) but I feel like I'm on track.
  • Vivian has started her Sunday night sleepovers at my mom's house.  It's awesome for her - she gets a sleepover and a day at Best Start on Monday and I get a little bit of time to get things done.  This week she even decided to stay an extra night at mom's - I was soundly rejected when I went to pick her up.
  • Dustin and I have started a fun new routine - watching scary movies in the basement.  It's been really fun to head downstairs with a blanket and a bottle of wine, turn off the lights and watch something spooky.  I rarely use the TV in the basement so this has been a really nice way to get some use out of it.
  • Old Navy had tank tops on sale for $3 on the weekend.  You know I stocked up - I have a concert next weekend which obviously demands a custom shirt.  One can never have enough black tank tops.

Take a page from my book - beat this heat by hiding in a nice cold basement with a scary movie!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Dance Bag Essentials

Vivian has been dancing for a few years now and I feel like with every competition and recital that passes I learn some new trick or essential item that I need to have in our dance bag.  This dance stuff is serious business, yo.  I thought I would do a little post of what I like to make sure is in our suitcase when it's time for a dance competition - please let me know if there's anything else I should have!

Competition make up is NO JOKE.  Seriously, nothing is stranger than putting heavy makeup on a 5 year old, but that's the way it goes.  It's important that the kids all look the same and that they stand out on stage.  Without makeup they end up being totally washed out.  The look for our dance studio is black winged liquid liner with dark blue eye shadow, black mascara, rosy red cheeks, and red lips with an exaggerated cupid's bow.  False lashes aren't required, but they are suggested.  I haven't mastered getting them on Vivian yet, but we have them in the bag.

Here's what our dance makeup kit looks like.

Yes, it's a cliche but that pink Maybelline mascara is the best stuff there is.  I don't like to have a bunch of expensive stuff in the dance makeup kit since it is easy to lose it in a dressing room so that mascara is perfect.  The dark blue eyeshadow is a Smashbox shade that I already had and I use Q-tips to apply it to get it on nice and dark.  I have a small sample size of Urban Decay eye primer that works really well to make sure nothing rubs off once I get her eyes all done.  I try to keep everything compact in the kit so having a sample of it is perfect.  I also use a small Kabuki brush for her blush since it goes on nice and bright and is compact.  Having a blush brush with a cap on it makes sure that it doesn't get all mangled in the bag too.

My real trick in the bag is the lip stuff.  I have a lip liner for her, but I'm not crazy about it.  I started with lipstick for her but found she was constantly rubbing at it or it would wear off too quickly.  then I found this Elf Lip Stain at Old Navy.  It's the BEST.  It's basically a red magic marker for lips and it costs like $3.  I grab one pretty well every time I'm at Old Navy so I can make sure I have one with me for dance all the time.  This is what I keep in my pocket so I have it for backstage touchups on Vivian.  It stains their lips a really nice bright red and stays put even when they drink.  No more rubbing it across a cheek right before they go out on stage.

For her eyeliner I like these double ended deals.  This one is by Annabelle and it works really nicely.  It's what I use at home too.  One side has a Kajal end so it goes on really smoothly and evenly.

The other side is liquid liner that again is basically a black Sharpie.  It's got a nice felt tip that makes it easy to be precise.  I use the Kajal if I'm in a rush and the liquid liner if I have time to be more careful.  You never know with wiggly kids how much time you'll get so it's nice to have options.

Her blush pallette is another cheap find from Elf at Old Navy.  Seriously, their makeup is perfect for something like this.  So cheap and the colours are nice and bright.  Not for me to wear everyday, but great for kids.  As you can tell I favour the reddish gold colour in the bottom right corner - perfect for those apple cheeked kids!

I like to keep her makeup in a clear bag so I can tell right away if I'm missing something.  I have a habit of putting things in my pocket so this cuts down on digging time.

Another important item for our studio are eye gems.  The kids wear three small eye gems at the corner of each eye and then larger gems stuck on their ears.  These are just plain rhinestone stickers from the dollar store - another thing I grab every time I see them.  These get passed around the dressing rooms like crazy - there's always someone who needs some eye gems!

Other makeup essentials?  Bobby pins, safety pins, cotton pads and sponges.  I keep wet wipes and makeup remover wipes in there too to fix anything up and I should pick up a small sewing kit to keep in there.  I also have a baggie with small rubber elastics which are essential.  Our kids wear cornrows for their competition hair.  It's complicated, but it works really nicely to be able to quickly pull the rest of their hair back.  Having the front in braids also gives a simple place to be able to secure any hair accessories.

Other things I like to have on hand?  Water bottles, simple snacks, extra tights (always have a spare set of tights!), warm up clothes, and shoes that are easy to slip on and off for backstage.  Vivian also wears a hairpiece for routines which I like to keep in a large Ziploc bag.  Any accessories she has I keep grouped in large Ziploc bags as well - labelled with her name and the routine name.  For her recital she was in four separate routines so having all accessories in a bag that was clearly marked with her name and which routine was essential for getting costume changes done quickly.  

I don't know how some parents do it with the number of routines their kids are in.  Vivian hasn't quite graduated to needing a dance suitcase like this yet, but I know that day is coming!  Any other tips or tricks are much appreciated!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Treats of the Week - Crashing Halt to the Long Weekend

What started out as a great long weekend came to a sudden stop around midnight last night when Vivian suddenly came down with...something?  The flu?  Too much fun?  Who knows.  All I know is neither of us got any sleep last night and I was doing laundry until 4am.  Luckily I already had the day off today so we could sit around and just relax.  She was in Toronto for the weekend so maybe her little body just had way too much fun.  Today was also marred with emails I could have gone without receiving, news about friends that isn't the best, and a general air of anxiety and nerves that left me puttering around the house unable to finish things.  Topping it all off was my computer shutting down in the middle of something I was working on and I lost about seven pages of typing. can only go up from here I guess?

  • Vivian did finish SK this week though - on to Grade 1 next year!  She is already saying that she's nervous for Grade 1 but I think she'll do just fine.  Her school didn't do a kindergarten graduation, but I kind of think that passing kindergarten is an expectation and doesn't necessarily warrant a party.

  • My Canada Day was spent at a wonderfully reckless fireworks party where miraculously there were no severe injuries.  It was a great time - but if they do it again next year I kind of want some Pharaoh's Serpent there.

  • While wandering the mall I wanted some juice but their stupid debit machine would not swipe my card.  Eventually the kid just got frustrated and asked if there was another way I could pay and when I came up about $1 short in change he said he would just pay for the rest.  Score!
  • I was super excited to find Two Guys and a Girl on DVD finally!  Not that I'm going to pay for it, but I'm excited that it exists in the world.  Fingers crossed it lands on Netflix.

  • Vivian and I had to go shopping for a birthday gift, which of course turned into her needing a new toy as well.  Funny how that works out.  Once she saw the display of toys for DC's Super Hero Girls I couldn't say no!  She loved all the toys - I was so glad to see so many of them on the shelves.  She picked out a new Wonder Woman doll and is so happy with it.  She was a little disappointed that she didn't come with a lasso but we made one out of a gold pipe cleaner.

Keep your nose clean, kids!  I already can't wait for this week to be over.