Monday, 27 June 2016

Treats of the Week - Ready for a Long Weekend

You guys - this week is going to take FOREVER.  I just want it to be Friday and enjoy my long weekend - made even longer by the fact that I took next Monday off.  I am ready for long nights that are warm and days that are young.

  • I have been enjoying having Shomi in addition to Netflix, but hated how it didn't have the feature where it would automatically start the next episode.  Doesn't make for good sleepytime tv.  BUT they have listened to the masses of lazy people and now it autoplays - thank the tv gods!
  • I have had a terrible bed for years.  Like my bed was far older than I am.  When I got it handed down it was only meant to be for a year or two but I think I've had it for close to 10 years.  I finally got a "new" bed on the weekend thanks to my mom.  People she knew were downsizing and had this awesome king sized bed with memory foam topper that was barely used and needed a home.  Magically, the thing fit in my small bedroom.  It is soooo comfortable - hopefully now I don't throw my back out anymore!

  • Vivian  loves having her hair in cornrows for dance and this time she managed to make them last for eight days!  Any other time she has gotten bored of them and wanted them out right away but this time she really liked having them in.  They make it so much easier to do her hair and get through bath time - I would be okay if she had them all summer!
  • My mom made homemade strawberry jam so I'll be eating nothing but peanut butter and jam sandwiches until future notice.
  • Friday night was a fun night out for drinks on a patio and a retromania movie at the Hyland.  Dinner was this, which was freaking incredible.  Always poutine the fries.

  • I'm kicking myself - I found this dope unicorn picture that I was going to give to my brother but then got to the register at Value Village and realized I had forgotten my wallet.  Ugh.  Back to hunting.

  • I also found this beautiful and heavy-duty set of pots and pans but each piece was over $20 - too rich for my poor ass.

  • My neighbours seem to be building something in their yard - I'm holding out hope that it will be some sort of fence-like structure so I don't have to get mine fixed.  

  • My sweet Grandma Millie has been learning her way around the Interwebs lately and has started reading my blog (Hi Grandma!) now that she's getting an idea of the kinds of random things I collect she's been sending things my way, which is how I became the owner of another old typewriter and this cute brass crab ashtray!

Enjoy the fireworks this weekend, guys - be safe!

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