Monday, 13 June 2016

Treats of the Week - New Track Pants Make Me Happy

It seems we get no reprieve from bad news these days.  Having access to the news 24 hours a day means we wake up to horrors on our phones before we even have our coffee.  It's heartbreaking, and it's exhausting.  I certainly don't have any answers (although maybe not allowing civilians to have assault rifles would be a good place to start, but what do I know?) but I know what treats make me feel better.

First and foremost - it's Monday which means there's a new episode of UnREAL (which is the best show and you need to be watching it!!!) and I'm wearing  my comfy new Walmart special track pants so I'm pretty cozy on my couch tonight.  (I needed the track pants for my dance costume next weekend.  The fact that they're perfectly soft and warm on a cool night like this was perfectly serendipitous.)

  • YOU GUYS - Breaking the Magician's Code is on Netflix!  I remember being so torn about this when it came out.  I love magic, but I don't necessarily want to know how it works.  I am, however, a ruiner of things at heart so I had to watch it.  I had no idea it was an ongoing series though - I remember it being a special or two?  Maybe it was like a two-hour special that they've broken into half hour episodes for Netflix or something.  In any event, the Masked Magician is back!

  • I got carded at the LCBO last week, which isn't all that unusual for me.  (Hooray!)  I loved the cashier's reaction though - she said I was "very well preserved" and that she never would have guessed I was 33.  I'll take it!
  • I went back to the Mission Store and got the attention of one of the little old ladies to open the case for me.  I totally scored on pins!  Western, Ontario, Sudbury Police, a moth, that amazing Lambton County Science Fair, Dick Tracy, and the Musical Ride?!  I ended up spending a whopping $3.50 on this collection of bad boys and couldn't have been more pleased!

  • Jenn and I had our first Earls patio of the season on Friday and it was lovely.  They have the best patio, my favourite menus, my favourite sushi, amazing beer, and we had the same hot waiter we had last year.  Couldn't have asked for a better evening.

  • Vivian had her long 3-night stretch with her dad this past weekend, which always makes for an extra-cuddly Sunday for us when she gets home.  She was spending Sunday night at my mom's because of a dance performance today, but I was more than happy to cuddle her and let her fall asleep on my shoulder last night.
  • I was pretty amused by this old sign - can anyone guess where I found it?

  • The dance recital is coming together quickly - final runs are this week and I have a horse costume to start working on tonight.  Vivian and I are so excited - and I finally feel like I really have a handle on the Dance Moms routine!
  • Friday night was a Kula Mall at Brown & Dickson and I met some lovely vendors and ended up with some great finds.  I really do love buying things from small businesses - you get such a special connection with people and end up with such wonderful stories.  
  • Vivian has been asking for ages to have a playdate with her buddy Lily.  Now that they go to different schools they don't get to see each other as often.  We finally got our schedules together to head to the park on Sunday for a playdate - and actually managed to catch the little train in the park.  Clearly it was a very sunny day.

  • I got a little visit in with this fluffy haired little devil today - he couldn't possibly being any cuter and he loves being held and snuggled - just what Aunt Ashlie likes.

Think happy thoughts everyone - let's take care of each other.

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