Monday, 27 June 2016

Treats of the Week - Ready for a Long Weekend

You guys - this week is going to take FOREVER.  I just want it to be Friday and enjoy my long weekend - made even longer by the fact that I took next Monday off.  I am ready for long nights that are warm and days that are young.

  • I have been enjoying having Shomi in addition to Netflix, but hated how it didn't have the feature where it would automatically start the next episode.  Doesn't make for good sleepytime tv.  BUT they have listened to the masses of lazy people and now it autoplays - thank the tv gods!
  • I have had a terrible bed for years.  Like my bed was far older than I am.  When I got it handed down it was only meant to be for a year or two but I think I've had it for close to 10 years.  I finally got a "new" bed on the weekend thanks to my mom.  People she knew were downsizing and had this awesome king sized bed with memory foam topper that was barely used and needed a home.  Magically, the thing fit in my small bedroom.  It is soooo comfortable - hopefully now I don't throw my back out anymore!

  • Vivian  loves having her hair in cornrows for dance and this time she managed to make them last for eight days!  Any other time she has gotten bored of them and wanted them out right away but this time she really liked having them in.  They make it so much easier to do her hair and get through bath time - I would be okay if she had them all summer!
  • My mom made homemade strawberry jam so I'll be eating nothing but peanut butter and jam sandwiches until future notice.
  • Friday night was a fun night out for drinks on a patio and a retromania movie at the Hyland.  Dinner was this, which was freaking incredible.  Always poutine the fries.

  • I'm kicking myself - I found this dope unicorn picture that I was going to give to my brother but then got to the register at Value Village and realized I had forgotten my wallet.  Ugh.  Back to hunting.

  • I also found this beautiful and heavy-duty set of pots and pans but each piece was over $20 - too rich for my poor ass.

  • My neighbours seem to be building something in their yard - I'm holding out hope that it will be some sort of fence-like structure so I don't have to get mine fixed.  

  • My sweet Grandma Millie has been learning her way around the Interwebs lately and has started reading my blog (Hi Grandma!) now that she's getting an idea of the kinds of random things I collect she's been sending things my way, which is how I became the owner of another old typewriter and this cute brass crab ashtray!

Enjoy the fireworks this weekend, guys - be safe!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Treats of the Week - Solstice

Happy Solstice, everyone!  It's the longest day of the year, and miraculously it didn't feel that way at work today!  Today is also the first time since 1967 that it's a full Strawberry moon on the same day as the Solstice, so get out there to check it out tonight if you can!

  • Thursday night was a concert night!  Jenn and I had a little road trip across the border to see Flight of the Conchords in Detroit and it was so great!  They put on an amazing show - if you ever get a chance to see them live you should definitely do it!

  • Hey hey hey, look who finally painted the coffee table!  My initial plan was to sand it down and stain it, but per usual I got bored of that and decided to just paint it instead.  It's so nice having a coffee table in the living room again and equally nice to have the space back in the garage!

  • Today was 50% off day at Talize and not only did I score some great books (David Rakoff?  Yes, please!) I also managed to pillage the pin and brooch section for a few scores.

  • The bulk of the week was taken up with the dance recital which happened on Saturday.  Not only was Vivian in four numbers and I was in two numbers but I was also recruited at the last minute to be the MC again.  Everything went off beautifully - the kids were adorable and talented, I babbled my way through the nearly five hour recital and even managed to pull off the dance routines with minimum errors.  It was a great, albeit long, day.  I'm so relieved to have it over for a little while before Circus Camp starts up in the summer (Vivian is already asking when that will be)

I love being a part of a dance family and being engaged and involved in what happens behind the scenes, but holy cow can it ever be exhausting.  This week is our first week of no yoga, no swimming, no dance, just baseball on Saturday and I am SO RELIEVED.  It's so nice for it to finally be summer and just enjoy some quiet nights.  I haven't had much freelance work lately, which really sucks for the ol' bank account but has been nice for time.  I've been reading a lot and should be working on my final paper for my program.  Just having quiet nights at home with Vivian has been a real treat - and I can't wait for her to be done school so we can enjoy our summer nights even more.  Not much longer before my vacation time kicks in on July 1st and then I will really be able to get some things done around here!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Treats of the Week - New Track Pants Make Me Happy

It seems we get no reprieve from bad news these days.  Having access to the news 24 hours a day means we wake up to horrors on our phones before we even have our coffee.  It's heartbreaking, and it's exhausting.  I certainly don't have any answers (although maybe not allowing civilians to have assault rifles would be a good place to start, but what do I know?) but I know what treats make me feel better.

First and foremost - it's Monday which means there's a new episode of UnREAL (which is the best show and you need to be watching it!!!) and I'm wearing  my comfy new Walmart special track pants so I'm pretty cozy on my couch tonight.  (I needed the track pants for my dance costume next weekend.  The fact that they're perfectly soft and warm on a cool night like this was perfectly serendipitous.)

  • YOU GUYS - Breaking the Magician's Code is on Netflix!  I remember being so torn about this when it came out.  I love magic, but I don't necessarily want to know how it works.  I am, however, a ruiner of things at heart so I had to watch it.  I had no idea it was an ongoing series though - I remember it being a special or two?  Maybe it was like a two-hour special that they've broken into half hour episodes for Netflix or something.  In any event, the Masked Magician is back!

  • I got carded at the LCBO last week, which isn't all that unusual for me.  (Hooray!)  I loved the cashier's reaction though - she said I was "very well preserved" and that she never would have guessed I was 33.  I'll take it!
  • I went back to the Mission Store and got the attention of one of the little old ladies to open the case for me.  I totally scored on pins!  Western, Ontario, Sudbury Police, a moth, that amazing Lambton County Science Fair, Dick Tracy, and the Musical Ride?!  I ended up spending a whopping $3.50 on this collection of bad boys and couldn't have been more pleased!

  • Jenn and I had our first Earls patio of the season on Friday and it was lovely.  They have the best patio, my favourite menus, my favourite sushi, amazing beer, and we had the same hot waiter we had last year.  Couldn't have asked for a better evening.

  • Vivian had her long 3-night stretch with her dad this past weekend, which always makes for an extra-cuddly Sunday for us when she gets home.  She was spending Sunday night at my mom's because of a dance performance today, but I was more than happy to cuddle her and let her fall asleep on my shoulder last night.
  • I was pretty amused by this old sign - can anyone guess where I found it?

  • The dance recital is coming together quickly - final runs are this week and I have a horse costume to start working on tonight.  Vivian and I are so excited - and I finally feel like I really have a handle on the Dance Moms routine!
  • Friday night was a Kula Mall at Brown & Dickson and I met some lovely vendors and ended up with some great finds.  I really do love buying things from small businesses - you get such a special connection with people and end up with such wonderful stories.  
  • Vivian has been asking for ages to have a playdate with her buddy Lily.  Now that they go to different schools they don't get to see each other as often.  We finally got our schedules together to head to the park on Sunday for a playdate - and actually managed to catch the little train in the park.  Clearly it was a very sunny day.

  • I got a little visit in with this fluffy haired little devil today - he couldn't possibly being any cuter and he loves being held and snuggled - just what Aunt Ashlie likes.

Think happy thoughts everyone - let's take care of each other.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Treats of the Week - Random Encounters

It's been a weird week for encountering people.  Some of the encounters are good - like the gentleman and his son who offered me change for the meter when I was parking downtown.  Some of them are hilariously weird - like the dude who was in line in Dollarama and in a complete panic because he thought he was really close to Guelph but was actually over an hour away.  There was also the kind but odd man in the park who asked me to coffee (apparently I look like Geri from the Spice Girls and he could tell how beautiful my eyes were even though I had sunglasses on).  Then tonight there were the kids who I invited in from the storm, rather than leaving them to huddle together under a tree.  When I offered the one kid my phone to call his parents for a ride, he told them that "A really nice lady" let them in.  It's nice to be a nice.

Other treats!

  • Yesterday was the 6th birthday of my niece Blair, the sweetest little pixie of a person I've ever met.  Happy Birthday, Blair!  I said we would celebrate by having a special day with just her and Vivian - maybe a trip to the movies or the children's museum and a sleepover.
  • I forgot to mention last week that I got these awesome stickers from Runout Records at the Novack's building.  In addition to all kinds of great records there's also a selection of stickers and buttons.  This of course immediately drew my attention.  These two stickers are now happily living as magnets on my fridge.

  • I had all kinds of plans this weekend - Fringe Festival, Block Party, Gathering on the Green, Nuit Blanche, Forest City Flea - but all of that was replaced with dance dance and more dance.  All told Vivian had three hours of dance this weekend and I had six hours with the dance moms.  Somehow I managed to survive the three-hour hip hop rehearsals with the Dance Moms - the routine is insane but is going to be SO AWESOME.  Such is the life at recital time of year - all plans get put on hold.
  • The Mission Store at Rectory and York is open now, which is great for me since it's very close to my work.  I went to check it out on my lunch break the other day, and was pretty excited to see a selection of pins in the display case.  I wasn't able to get a close look though since apparently it takes all three little old ladies to run the till at once so they didn't notice me waiting to have the case opened.  
  • On another thrifting run to Value Village I managed to score this Pyrex Friendship pattern Cinderella bowl!  I love the Friendship pattern, but it's usually really expensive since the pattern is so collectible.  Value Village has caught on to the collectors and has started pricing things accordingly.  This bowl was sticker priced at $12.99 but I had a 30% coupon from dropping items off a couple days before.  Hooray!

  • In not so treat news - I also found this set of Pyrex Cinderella bowls - I think they used to be Gooseberry pattern.  Such a shame - don't put vintage dishes in the dishwasher!

  • My brother is the king of the bizarre and hilarious tattoos.  I legit laughed out loud when I saw this new one pop up on Instagram.  If you go to the Subway in Grand Bend, say hi to him.

  • All of the dance sessions this weekend meant that we had time to kill in between.  Luckily there is a lovely park nearby with a playground and a splash pad.  It worked out perfectly.  Also fun for killing time?  Introducing kids to phone booths.  They had no idea what it was and were delighted that there was a voice on the other end of the phone.

I'm running out of time before the best treat starts - Season 2 premiere of UnREAL!  If you're not watching this show, you definitely need to be.  It's SO GOOD.