Monday, 30 May 2016

Treats of the Week - Showers

Between the sweltering heat, the hours of hip hop practice, and the time spent cutting the grass, it seems like I'm constantly showering these days.  I'm not complaining - it can be so refreshing to get in a nice, cool shower after being out in the heat and just rinsing all that grossness away.  Relaxing, yet energizing.  Amidst all the awesome, exciting things happening in the area this weekend, some really terrible things happened as well.  There were five separate stabbings in the City of London this weekend alone.  Once the temperatures rise, so too go the tempers.  Let's all try to stay chill, hmm?  Enjoy a nice cool shower, and bask in the good things around us.

  • This weekend marked my first outing at Shock Stock - London't horror and exploitation convention.  It was a really great time - don't know what's kept me away so long.  I always love to shop the floor at a con and this was no exception.  Since I'm not the type to dig through a box of weird old VHS tapes (although I was with a dude who is) I was happy to pick up some other weird items - some porcupine quills, a polished leopard serpentine stone for a necklace, some buttons and a Cinema Sewer pin, and this amazing coffee.  Deadly Grounds has all kinds of awesome varieties, but I was smitten with the Death by Chocolate, which they were serving iced.  SO GOOD.  The names are adorable too - Never Sleep Again, Dot's Die-ner, Haunted House - I loved them.  Although apparently it's weird to call horror stuff "adorable".

  • Also at Shock Stock I got to do another escape room - this time a special mini room that was put on by Sin Labs.  It was a horror themed one and only 30 minutes, but it was super hard.  They said it was 6 challenges in 30 minutes and we ran out of time on the final two.  Well, if I had finished wrestling with the stupid combination lock it would have been just the final one.  In any event, it was pretty fun.
  • Dustin gave his talk at Kangaroo Variety and it went so well!  Even with a late night the evening before of folding and cutting and folding and cutting it all managed to get done on time.  The talk was awesome - I was super proud.

  • Have the distance to empty reading on my new car has basically been the worst and best thing to ever happen to me.  With Foxy I would just hit the reset on the odometer when the gas light came on and guess how far I could go.  My record was 64 kilometers.  But now I know exactly how far I have to go and I definitely pushed it to the limit this week - sitting at 0 kilometers to empty at the gas station.  Kramer would be so proud of me.

  • I made it to the museum on Saturday to check out the Remember When exhibit.  It was pretty interesting - my favourite piece was a model of the Victoria steamer made from pieces of the wreckage.  I would have liked to check it out a little longer but we showed up 20 minutes before the museum closed.
  • Saturday was also the Grickle Grass Festival at the Children's Museum.  I'd never been before, but it was really cool to be in the museum after hours and just seeing grownups hanging out everywhere.  There was even an old dude rolling around on a Segway.  I wasn't cool enough to know any of the bands (except for Motherhood, who also played at Kangaroo Variety the night before) or any of the people, but it was still a great time.  PLUS I brought my dinosaur purse and basically everyone loved it.

  • Finally on Saturday night we hit Call the Office for the Shock Stock after party (yeah, Saturday was nuts.  We walked like 20 kilometers)  CTO is always a good time and it was awesome to see friends in Sprocket Damage close out the night.  Plus the dude who played the kid Jason in the first Friday the 13th has apparently banked a whole career on being "The First Jason" and we saw his band play.  He plays the keytar, and actually said, "Can we turn up the mic on the keytar?"  So that was worth it.

  • My irises are blooming in the front garden which makes me feel like things aren't quite such a mess.  My favourite flower is currently this one sitting next to me on my desk - a sweet little flower put there by a sweet little girl.

Be cool, honey bunnies!

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