Monday, 2 May 2016

Treats of the Week - Bit of a Break

So, I took a little break there!  I think that might be the first time since my surgery that I actually missed a Treats of the Week post!  My excuse isn't very interesting - I spent most of last weekend curled up and miserable with a stomach bug which put me behind on an already very tight deadline.  So I spent the first part of last week coming home from work, getting Vivian fed and into bed, and then working until midnight.  Probably not my wisest decision, but it's over now until the next crisis.  So let's see what I remember of treats from the past couple of weeks!

  • Last Saturday night was the worst night of the fun little bug I came down with, which meant Sunday was a little rough.  My mom, ever the superhero, came over to take Vivian out for a couple of hours so I could rest and try to do some work and they picked up some groceries for me which was a huge help!  
  • In related "bad idea" news, I decided that I needed to move my china cabinet last night but didn't want to take anything out of it.  Miraculously I managed to move it across the room without breaking anything inside of it, or any part of my person.

  • I cut the grass for the first time of the season on Saturday, and while I was not impressed with all the broken glass I found in my front yard (grrr) it did feel really good to be outside and things always look so much nicer once the grass has been cut.  Per usual there's a bunch of stuff I would like to see done in the yard this year, but who knows if I'll actually get around to any of it.
  • I scored some awesome new pins from Ludlow Luna, but unfortunately they didn't arrive in time for the Retromania screening of Beetlejuice on Friday night.  It was so great to see that movie again - I probably haven't seen in all the way through in 20 years and it really holds up.

  • Also from Ludlow Luna?  This perfect Jawbreaker sticker.  "I killed Liz, I killed the teen dream.  Deal with it."

  • I picked up this letterpress-type tray from Talize a few weeks ago and finally got around to hanging it up.  I knew Vivian would love it for all her little ponies and figures!  It's huge and it was only $6!

  • This weekend was another volume of Kangaroo Variety at Brown & Dickson.  If you're in London you should keep an eye out for this event.  It's a live magazine - so you can expect interviews, storytelling, videos, live food reviews, all manner of things.  It's super hipster but it's a really cool way to learn more about the people working and living in your community.

  • After a small extension (or two) I finally got my final paper of the semester handed in.  I didn't do quite as well as I was hoping (probably because it was due the Friday when I started to get sick and was struggling to be coherent) but I ended up with a grade that I'm pleased with.  Still waiting on the final grade from my other course and then I'm just working on my major paper for the summer.  Is it bad that I'm already researching new programs for the fall?  Probably.
  • If you haven't checked out Chef's Table on Netflix you totally should.  It's a documentary series and it's so oddly compelling.  I mean, cooking shows in general kind of draw you in, but this one delves so much into the philosophies of different chefs and really examines what makes them do what they do with such passion.  I highly recommend it.
  • I just scored tickets for David Cross in Toronto in July and I'm so excited!  I saw he was going on tour a while ago but there weren't any Canadian dates at the time.  So glad I jumped on this presale!
There's probably more, but my brain has been fried lately.  Somehow it's already May, and I'm looking forward to Vivian being done school and having some vacation time this summer.  Daytrips are calling my name.

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