Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Treats of the Week (and a half)

Man, I'm getting bad at these posts.  Especially with a long weekend the time just gets away from me and I don't get things posted!  I'm also going to rely heavily on the excuse that I threw my back out last week and was basically just on the couch watching documentaries for a couple days.  How did I come to do such a thing?  Well I'm thinking it had something to do with trying to do acro on Sunday, cutting the grass on Monday, organizing the garage on Tuesday, and then dragging around a way too heavy purse on Wednesday.  By the end of my lunch break on Wednesday I was shuffling along and taking way too long to sit down.  By Sunday I was pretty well back to normal though, so I still salvaged some weekend!

  • I took Vivian to the drive-in for the first time on Saturday and she LOVED it.  She went straight for the playground and played while I got our snacks then she settled in to the front seat to watch Angry Birds.  We found it worked best to have her booster seat up in the passenger seat so she could see.  She loved eating her popcorn and being able to chat with me during the movie.  She managed to stay awake for the whole thing too - I think it will definitely be a routine this summer!
  • I've started hip hop for the Dance Moms routine at the dance recital and it is no joke!  I was going to do tap, but couldn't make a session on the weekend because of my back and was going to miss another one which would have put me too far behind.  Hip hop was three hours on Sunday and even though it's super tough I think it's going to be really fun.  The recital is on June 18th if you want to come see me dance!  And, y'know, Vivian and the other kids.
  • Vivian has also been enjoying her yoga classes and finally got her own yoga mat yesterday from my mom and she couldn't be more proud.  She looks weird in the picture, but trust me she's thrilled.  She's really enjoying taking yoga - and it seems to be helping her calm down!

  • It is so nice and warm out!  I'm so glad to be able to wear dresses and not have to freeze in the morning.  I even got a little bit of colour on the weekend - although I doubt I'll be anywhere near as dark as I was last year!
  • I am a sucker for a grab bag - she when Kate Gabrielle had some for $10 I couldn't resist!  My package arrived yesterday and it's pretty much the most perfect thing ever.  You guys, it's a velociraptor brooch.  I've been thinking a lot about getting a dinosaur tattoo and this pretty much seals the deal.  Now who wants to pay for it?

  • On Monday mom and I took the crew out to African Lion Safari.  We went last year on the Monday of May 2-4 weekend as well and it worked out really well.  The crowds aren't too bad and it isn't too hot yet.  The kids loved it - I was grumbling before we got in the gate.  (Seriously, there were people who had pulled over and were taking pictures with the directional signs pointing the way to the park.  Not even at the actual park yet.  The worst.)  I think my favourite part was this ostrich who didn't give a fuck and laid down beside this van until a zookeeper had to come over and bang a stick on the ground to get him to move.  He promptly sat down on the opposite side of the vehicle.  You do you, ostrich.

  • I've totally got that spring cleaning bug - which works out well since my anxiety has been bad this past week and organizing helps me to calm down.  I've been organizing drawers and the garage and closets and it feels so good to get rid of things - even if it prompts Dustin to say things like, "What's going on?  Why are you organizing?  Are  you upset?"  Sometimes you just gotta organize.  Now if only I could get a truck to come and take away all this excess stuff - then I would really be in business!

Kind of quiet this week - but this weekend is crazy busy so there should be lots of treats there!

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