Monday, 9 May 2016

Treats of the Week - All the things

It has been a packed week! Things are always feast or famine like that - this coming weekend I have like zero plans and this past week was constantly on the go! Lots of treats - and excuse any formatting because I'm posting this from my phone due to the constant comedy of errors that is my life. 

Wednesday was McHappy Day - when I have my annual Big Mac. The calories don't count when it's charity, you see. Vivian and I took our dinner to the park for a picnic, which she abandoned after about three French fries, leaving me to just be a chubby mom eating McDonalds in the park. 

I love Apple Music - I really don't mind paying for it because it's so handy to have all kinds of playlists and albums at my fingertips. This "self-deprecating rap" playlist made me laugh. 

Vivian made me this beautiful necklace for Mother's Day - and also gave me a gift card to McDonald's. She knows me so well. 

What does one geek give another for an anniversary gift? Why the official graphic novel sequel to Django Unchained, of course! I can't wait to read it!

Saturday was also Free Comic Book Day and it was SO GOOD this year. They finally closed a section of Dundas Street for the event so there was a lot more of a festival feel. I wasn't able to bring Vivian because I had to go to Toronto and I was worried about all the waiting, but seeing how it ran with the street closed makes me much more inclined to bring her out next year. Bonus? Totally saw this Batmobile cruising down the 401 on the way to Toronto. 

My garden is in that nice spot where things are blooming and filling in, but isn't yet full of weeds.

My coffee was happy to see me this morning, and I was happy to see it. 

On Wednesday I also went to see Eagles of Death Metal and Death From Above 1979 and it was an awesome show! There's nothing better than a really great rock show, and it was pretty amazing to see Eagles of Death Metal still going strong after the Paris attacks. 

My pin board is getting pretty full! I found that perfect flamingo pin at Blue Pepper Vintage and that Super Mario pin is my new favourite - he slides up to punch the block! 

The main event of Saturday was a trip to Toronto for a special screening of Wu Xia and an appearance by martial arts legend Donnie Yen. The movie was actually really great - and he was incredibly gracious during the Q & A which followed. I didn't score a wristband, but lucky Dustin did and he will basically never be happier than he was when he met his hero. 

I had been nervously awaiting my grades for the second semester and actually ended up doing better in Policy Processes than I expected! I was super worried about that course so it was a huge relief to see that grade posted! Now I just need to focus on my major research paper and it's on to the next thing!

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