Monday, 11 April 2016

Treats of the Week - Dancing Queens

Consider, if you will, the following.

You've had a really busy weekend.  Dance competitions and a sick kid.  You've spent most of the weekend with that kid clinging to you, and took a trip to emerg.  Now it's Monday morning and you're feeling under the weather yourself.  Said kid was up three or four times between midnight and 6:00 a.m. and is crying again that her tummy hurts.  It's pretty clear that neither of you are making it very far that day.  Call the daycare, call work, call the school.  Finally get the kid convinced to lay in bed with you and doze to some Netflix.  Get woken up by the kid every time that Netflix times out.  Finally you're both sleeping and hoping to have a quiet, restful day.  Then, the doorbell rings.  Must be a delivery, you don't care.  Then there's a knock on the door.  Ugh, just leave the package.  A second knock on the door.  Fine, drag yourself to answer the door in the lovely state that one can only find themselves in when they're sick and exhausted and in their pajamas.  Oh cool, it's a crew of roofers who want you to move your car so they can spend the day pounding on the roof.  Perfect.

Yes, that's how I spent my day today.  Luckily, Vivian seems to be feeling better (I hope, she's barely slept all weekend) and I'm not feeling my best but am feeling better than this morning.  The roof is looking great, but my satellite dish was disconnected in the process.  They should be back tomorrow to finish the job, but I'm pretty sure the dish is for me to deal with.  It might just be the motivation I need to just cancel it.

And now, treats.

  • The kids had their first dance competition of the year on Friday and it was amazing.  They did so well - they got a standing ovation, a special award, and placed at the Shining Star Level (the highest level of adjudication).  I cried like a damn fool, I was so proud.  We're heading to Chatham on Saturday to do it all over again.

  • Did I post this last week?  I don't remember, but guys, candy candles (or Candyls, as I prefer to call them) are a thing and I love them.  I'm not even a big candle person, but I went and got this one, a berry Starburst one and a Skittles scented one and I'm all over them.  They were on clearance at the Superstore too!

  • I'm finally done classes for the year - hooray!  I'm not done the program yet - I have a final paper due this week (but I got an extension until next week, whew) and then I set about working on my Major Research Paper which is due by the end of July.  Then I'll be done the Diploma in Public Administration Program.  I was hoping to return in the fall to keep going with the Master of Public Administration but at this point I'm going to wait for a few years until Vivian is a little older and I'm in a better job position.  Instead, there are some other courses that I want to start working on to keep padding my resume until the right position comes along.
  • To celebrate being done classes my dude surprised me with wine, flowers, and a sweet card.  I never get flowers, so it was extra sweet.

  • The holdover of winter weather has made me antsy and I've been checking out thrift stores more frequently on my lunch breaks.  The other day I came across this great record card at Talize for $5.99.  I've always admired them - I have a thing for "single purpose items".  I just find it so amusing when something is made so specifically, like a deviled egg platter.  I don't own any records, but I couldn't leave this behind so it became a nice little present for Jenn.

  • Speaking of which, Jenn and I have had a hard time lately getting our schedules to line up but we finally found some time on Friday to sit down and chat over some pizza and wine.  It was a much-needed catch up and she was the best husband ever for having my wine and pizza waiting at my house when I got home!
  • My office is undergoing some renovations, so everyone is in cleaning mode.  This has worked to my benefit since my boss found this awesome Middlesex County Courthouse paperweight for me, and a beautiful print of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  

  • Speaking of my love of London memorabilia, I was randomly contacted by someone on Facebook this week who had recently purchased a box of old frames.  In that box were six of the CFPL Radio Print Series that I've been collecting.  Turns out I'm missing one from Pioneer Village and Storybook Gardens.  Unfortunately she wasn't willing to part with those ones but it's nice to  know what I'm looking for - and it's always cool when people reach out to me about things they've found on my blog!
  • I got my car back, and even though it pained me to shell out the $500 for the deductible, it is really nice to have it dent-free.  They even cleaned the inside for me, so I'm telling myself the $500 was to having it cleaned and have the rental car for the week.  That makes me feel marginally better.
  • The new Suicide Squad trailer dropped last night and it looks SO GOOD.  Can't wait for those summer movies.
  • I went to leave my house the other morning and noticed that the neighbours had bras all over the place.  You can see one clothesline in this picture, but there was another one closer to the road and some hanging in the tree as well.  I'm assuming that it was for a milestone birthday of some kind?  It made me laugh.

This little sicky is going to get some rest and hope that the other little sicky in the house actually sleeps through the night tonight.  Have a week!

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