Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Making Magnets

I can be weird about stickers.  I'm always reluctant to actually use them because then what?!  Then they're gone forever!  I don't want to put it on a laptop, eventually it will break.  Notebook?  Forget it, I'm still mourning the loss of that Bush X sticker I had on my binder in high school.  Where exactly can an adult put stickers?  Over the years, I have amassed a bit of a collection of stickers.  You know how it goes, they come with albums, they come in the mail when you shop independent artists and retailers, you get them at a merch table.  I had a little pile of stickers, and an irrational crippling fear about using them.  I considered putting them on my mailbox because I thought it would be funny, but then that same fear of "What if?!" came up again.  God forbid I should have to replace a $2 sticker down the road.

Luckily, I have a clever dude around who had a whole bunch of magnetic sheets.  Perfect!  So now my new obsession is turning things into magnets.  I'm positively stuck on the idea.  I've used up all my stickers making fun little magnets and have reached into my collection of odd little cards and papers that I have sitting around too.  It's a great way to display small items like this, but still be able to move them around.  I have some at my desk at work too.

I have a little collection of postcards that I'm thinking might end up being magnetized too - haven't quite decided yet.  I also have a package of button magnets that might just be getting hot glued to some of those pinback buttons I have sitting around too, because I have an obsessive personality like that.
I've officially gotten rid of any not cool magnets and have kept only the ones that are awesome and fun.  The couple that are still uncool but kind of important (like poison control and other "don't die" magnets) are tucked on the side of the fridge.

If you're a weirdo like me who gets way too attached to stickers - magnets are your friend!

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