Monday, 7 March 2016

Treats of the Week - Springy

I apologize in advance, you guys.  I washed the winter coats tonight and moved them to the back of the closet.  So if we get more snow, it's entirely my fault.  Hopefully that's not the case though - I am loving having my bedroom window open right now!  The weather is definitely a treat - I am so ready for things to warm up!

  • I had a little trip to Memory Lane Antiques on Saturday - all part of a really great and leisurely Saturday.  I didn't get much - but I did snag this cigar label.  Who knew there were cigars from London?!

  • One of the best parts of typing transcripts is hearing what people say when they don't think the record is running.  The transcript I was working on this week included a little segment where the prosecutor and officer said my dress was cute and it made my day.  (Even though this actually happened back in September)
  • Another lovely part of the leisurely Saturday?  Brunch at the Early Bird.  I know I've posted a picture of the Toad in a Hole before, but hot damn is it good.

  • We celebrated my grandma's birthday on Sunday by having lunch at Boston Pizza.  These birthday events can always be a little hit or miss - once you're factoring in how the kids are going to behave what crazy questions Grandma is going to ask, anything could really happen.  This time things went really well though.  It was great to see everyone, Grandma seemed to enjoy herself, and I got to have some delicious Mediterranean pizza.  Wins all around.
  • Last Man on Earth is back!  I haven't actually watched the new episode yet (because I've spent the last couple evenings working on school stuff in bed while half watching old episodes of That 70s Show) but I'm so happy that it's back on.  Seriously - you should be watching it.
My brain's pretty fried, guys.  March is crazy busy for school, and this week especially (I'm on the road tomorrow and Wednesday for French courts) so that's all I can come up with tonight!  I actually just closed this out without even realizing that I hadn't even finished the blog post yet.  Ugh.

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