Monday, 14 March 2016

Treats of the Week - March Break

Hooray for March Break!  No classes for me this week - but I have a draft paper due on Wednesday and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I HATE THIS ASSIGNMENT.  I'm surrounded by piles of council minutes and policy guides and I may lose my mind.  I'm having one of those evenings where every time I look up, an hour has gone by.  Sigh.  Treats.

  • At the very least, Vivian has a fun March Break lined up.  She's going to a swim camp tomorrow, and is pretty excited about some cuddling and relaxing this week, as she demonstrated yesterday.

  • It was Disney on Ice this weekend, so my mom and my friend Amanda loaded up our crews to check out one of the Saturday shows.  It ended up being three adults and eight kids ranging in age from 2 months to 7 years old, and we didn't lose anyone!  Hooray!

  • The Wachowskis have gone from being the Wachowski Brothers, to the Wachowski Siblings, to the Wachowskis Sisters, which is pretty awesome.
  • Balsamic Vinegar and Sweet Onion Miss Vickie's are my new favourite thing and I really wish I had some right now.
  • If you need a good Instagram to follow (besides mine, obvs) you need to follow Vogueclips - it's amazing.
  • My brother is the king of terrible tattoos and I love him for it.  This is his latest piece.


  • I finally finished rewatching That 70s Show and was it ever a slog at the end.  I love having comfort shows like that to watch when I'm falling asleep or to have on in the background while I work on school shizz, but I had really forgotten how off the rails this one gets!  I think The Office is going to be the next rewatch.
Ughhhh, okay, back to my researching.  Finish line in sight!

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