Monday, 21 March 2016

Treats of the Week - Back from the break

It was poor planning to have March Break follow the time change.  This past week was a very strange mixture of insomnia and exhaustion for both Vivian and myself.  Today was no different - she passed out on the couch about 20 minutes after we got home - hopefully she's down for the night!

  • Vivian got another custom chalk portrait in the kitchen of her carrying Gibson.  She liked it so much that she had to add her own commentary "That was funny".

  • I saw a dog today who was the embodiment of happiness.  His head was hanging out the side of the cab, just as eager as could be.  When the cab turned into the dog park, I understood why.
  • Those new Nutella cookies at Tim Horton's are definitely making my life easier with my little Nutella monster.
  • Saturday was a random adventure day when the dude and I headed to Toronto.  I discovered that driving in Toronto really isn't a big deal when you're not on any kind of schedule at all.  We detoured to IKEA, checked out some video stores/vintage movie poster stores/comic book stores/Chinatown for bootlegs.  I managed to park three times and only had to pay once ($2.50!) and we made it in and out in one piece.  I was a super nerd and checked out a toonie trap from No Fun that I've been wanting to visit and we both ended up with some cool finds.  I wish I could have brought this giant vintage Alice in Wonderland poster home with me, but I didn't see a price on it and didn't dare ask.

  • The new Pee-Wee movie has hit Netflix and it is SO GOOD.  I laughed harder than I had in a long time, it definitely holds up.  
  • My Grandma has managed to get some WiFi and used her iPad to send me an email - it was so bizarre to see it pop up in my inbox!  

  • I've been stressing out about my Policy Process assignment for the past week because I was having a terrible time tracking down the information I needed.  I finally got someone helpful to email me back today and think I have enough to pull things together in time, hooray!  I only have a couple weeks left of my classes and it can't come soon enough!

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