Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Treats of the Week - Ugh

I know what you're thinking.  Typical Ashlie, forgot that yesterday was Monday because of the holiday weekend.  I know, I'm sure you were all quite deprived of my genius.  Truth is, I didn't forget about my Monday blog this time.  Instead, I was stuck in the emergency room with Vivian until about 11:30.  Nothing serious - nothing some antibiotics haven't helped.  She was such a trooper though - didn't complain at all, even though we were about 3 and a half hours.  It was just the capper to a week that included leaks in two spots of the house (ugh) and me getting served a subpoena at work.  (Yeah, that was fun.)  Anyway, it's been quite the week.  I've basically had the same expression as Fender here.

At least tomorrow is Wednesday, so the week is half over.  Right?  Right.

  • When I got home last night from the emergency room, it was about 12:30.  I was exhausted, not only from the late hour and the wait at the hospital, but also because brainiac me parked in the parking garage like I always do.  The problem there is that while we could walk through the hospital to get from Point A to Point B when we arrived, we couldn't do the same when it was time to leave.  So I had to walk all the way around the hospital with Vivian.  So yeah, by the time I got home I was completely done and ready for bed.  And what do I spy hiding behind m Keurig on the chalkboard backsplash?  A sweet little secret note.

  • I found the BEST ceramic tray at the thrift store the other day - it is proudly sitting on my desk at work, holding my paperclips.

  • I saw Batman vs. Superman on Friday, despite my reservations.  It actually isn't as bad as the critics have said.  It has a lot of issues, sure.  But there was also a lot I liked about it.  One thing I really liked?  SO MANY VESTS.  Vulture agrees with me.

  • Easter went really well - Vivian had a great time and didn't end up too spoiled.  It was great to hang out with all the kids in the beautiful weather on Easter Sunday!
  • It was a double dose of movies this weekend since Kimberly and I headed to see Allegiant.  It was decidedly okay, but dinner was awesome and the company was even better!
  • I had my last travelling French court date until June last week.  They always seem to cluster, so it's always a bit of a relief when a blast of them is done.
All right - I'm tapping out.  I have a presentation tomorrow (I should probably start to work on that) and I'm still whipped from yesterday and the long weekend.  Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you guys!

Monday, 21 March 2016

Treats of the Week - Back from the break

It was poor planning to have March Break follow the time change.  This past week was a very strange mixture of insomnia and exhaustion for both Vivian and myself.  Today was no different - she passed out on the couch about 20 minutes after we got home - hopefully she's down for the night!

  • Vivian got another custom chalk portrait in the kitchen of her carrying Gibson.  She liked it so much that she had to add her own commentary "That was funny".

  • I saw a dog today who was the embodiment of happiness.  His head was hanging out the side of the cab, just as eager as could be.  When the cab turned into the dog park, I understood why.
  • Those new Nutella cookies at Tim Horton's are definitely making my life easier with my little Nutella monster.
  • Saturday was a random adventure day when the dude and I headed to Toronto.  I discovered that driving in Toronto really isn't a big deal when you're not on any kind of schedule at all.  We detoured to IKEA, checked out some video stores/vintage movie poster stores/comic book stores/Chinatown for bootlegs.  I managed to park three times and only had to pay once ($2.50!) and we made it in and out in one piece.  I was a super nerd and checked out a toonie trap from No Fun that I've been wanting to visit and we both ended up with some cool finds.  I wish I could have brought this giant vintage Alice in Wonderland poster home with me, but I didn't see a price on it and didn't dare ask.

  • The new Pee-Wee movie has hit Netflix and it is SO GOOD.  I laughed harder than I had in a long time, it definitely holds up.  
  • My Grandma has managed to get some WiFi and used her iPad to send me an email - it was so bizarre to see it pop up in my inbox!  

  • I've been stressing out about my Policy Process assignment for the past week because I was having a terrible time tracking down the information I needed.  I finally got someone helpful to email me back today and think I have enough to pull things together in time, hooray!  I only have a couple weeks left of my classes and it can't come soon enough!

Monday, 14 March 2016

Treats of the Week - March Break

Hooray for March Break!  No classes for me this week - but I have a draft paper due on Wednesday and OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I HATE THIS ASSIGNMENT.  I'm surrounded by piles of council minutes and policy guides and I may lose my mind.  I'm having one of those evenings where every time I look up, an hour has gone by.  Sigh.  Treats.

  • At the very least, Vivian has a fun March Break lined up.  She's going to a swim camp tomorrow, and is pretty excited about some cuddling and relaxing this week, as she demonstrated yesterday.

  • It was Disney on Ice this weekend, so my mom and my friend Amanda loaded up our crews to check out one of the Saturday shows.  It ended up being three adults and eight kids ranging in age from 2 months to 7 years old, and we didn't lose anyone!  Hooray!

  • The Wachowskis have gone from being the Wachowski Brothers, to the Wachowski Siblings, to the Wachowskis Sisters, which is pretty awesome.
  • Balsamic Vinegar and Sweet Onion Miss Vickie's are my new favourite thing and I really wish I had some right now.
  • If you need a good Instagram to follow (besides mine, obvs) you need to follow Vogueclips - it's amazing.
  • My brother is the king of terrible tattoos and I love him for it.  This is his latest piece.


  • I finally finished rewatching That 70s Show and was it ever a slog at the end.  I love having comfort shows like that to watch when I'm falling asleep or to have on in the background while I work on school shizz, but I had really forgotten how off the rails this one gets!  I think The Office is going to be the next rewatch.
Ughhhh, okay, back to my researching.  Finish line in sight!

Monday, 7 March 2016

Treats of the Week - Springy

I apologize in advance, you guys.  I washed the winter coats tonight and moved them to the back of the closet.  So if we get more snow, it's entirely my fault.  Hopefully that's not the case though - I am loving having my bedroom window open right now!  The weather is definitely a treat - I am so ready for things to warm up!

  • I had a little trip to Memory Lane Antiques on Saturday - all part of a really great and leisurely Saturday.  I didn't get much - but I did snag this cigar label.  Who knew there were cigars from London?!

  • One of the best parts of typing transcripts is hearing what people say when they don't think the record is running.  The transcript I was working on this week included a little segment where the prosecutor and officer said my dress was cute and it made my day.  (Even though this actually happened back in September)
  • Another lovely part of the leisurely Saturday?  Brunch at the Early Bird.  I know I've posted a picture of the Toad in a Hole before, but hot damn is it good.

  • We celebrated my grandma's birthday on Sunday by having lunch at Boston Pizza.  These birthday events can always be a little hit or miss - once you're factoring in how the kids are going to behave what crazy questions Grandma is going to ask, anything could really happen.  This time things went really well though.  It was great to see everyone, Grandma seemed to enjoy herself, and I got to have some delicious Mediterranean pizza.  Wins all around.
  • Last Man on Earth is back!  I haven't actually watched the new episode yet (because I've spent the last couple evenings working on school stuff in bed while half watching old episodes of That 70s Show) but I'm so happy that it's back on.  Seriously - you should be watching it.
My brain's pretty fried, guys.  March is crazy busy for school, and this week especially (I'm on the road tomorrow and Wednesday for French courts) so that's all I can come up with tonight!  I actually just closed this out without even realizing that I hadn't even finished the blog post yet.  Ugh.