Monday, 15 February 2016

Treats of the Week - Reading Week

Oh man, have I ever been looking forward to this week!  Not only is it a short work week (thanks, Family Day!) but it's also a Reading Week and a court closure week.  So I have no classes and no courts this week.  I still have to work (boo) but it should all make for a nice, chill week where I can get caught up on some stuff and wear jeans every day.  This is especially nice after a weekend of terrible winter weather and one of the worst drives I've ever done.

  • I'm watching the Grammy Awards as I write this, which I don't normally do.  I'm basically only watching it because I want to see the Lady Gaga tribute to David Bowie and the couch is comfortable and my book is within reach.  I'm glad that they're performing a song from Hamilton though, since it seems to be the only thing that matters in pop culture right now and I really don't understand why.
  • I went to see Snoop Dogg - sorry, DJ Snoopadelic on Wednesday night.  I was really looking forward to it, since I had seen him in concert years ago at a stadium show but this was a small, club show.  I knew he was doing a DJ set and a live set, so I assumed it would be him spinning a few songs and then doing his thing for a few songs.  This was not the case.  Instead of mixing tracks and playing obscure old school numbers like I expected, he basically just hit play on an iTunes playlist and hung out behind a laptop.  It was ridiculous.  I still had a great night, but beware DJ Snoopadelic unless you're just looking to dance to the same songs you can hear anywhere.
  • This Kate Spade clutch is amazing and I want it in my life.  Damn you, Fashion Week for making me want all the things!

  • Indeed, Friday night was one of the top three worst drives I've ever done in my life.  Somehow I managed to get home while focused on the road and singing along to Say Anything to keep me sane.  When we made it back to Strathroy I detoured to the Superstore to see if the wine shop was still open.  I had to stop myself from hugging the woman working there after I exclaimed, "I just drove from London to Strathroy in the worst weather and I am so glad you're still open and I need any wine you have."  
  • My brother and his lovely fiancee had the family over on Sunday night for dinner.  It's so weird to see my brother being so domestic, but it was a really nice night.  We had antelope roast too - I'm not a huge fan of venison, but this stuff was great.  
  • I went to see Deadpool on Thursday night and it was really great.  I mean, it's basically what you hope it will be so it was a success.  I was more excited about the girl serving me at the concession booth though.  We bonded over a shared love of mixing popcorn and peanut butter M&Ms.  Then I realized her name was Talia and that her favourite movie is The Avengers.  (I love it when they list their favourite movie on their name tags.)  Obviously I had to give her a hard time for being named Talia and preferring a Marvel movie over DC.
  • I'm actually caught up on my freelance typing stuff - huge weight off my shoulders and hopefully now I'll actually get some cash flow coming in from it...
  • I don't do Valentine's Day.  I always seem to be broke this time of year (and this year is no different) and it just seems unnecessary after the holidays.  It's fun when you're a kid, but it's just not something I do as an adult.  I did, however, appreciate my hilarious Facebook Valentine from my dude.

Have a week, guys!  If you need me, I'll be reading and wearing my slippers at work.

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