Monday, 29 February 2016

Treats of the Week - Leap!

Happy Leap Day, everybody!  Leap Day should probably be a holiday, since it's not a real day, amirite?  I felt like I was dragging all day, but that was most likely due to staying up too late last night watching the Oscars.  Tomorrow we get into lousy Smarch weather - should make for an interesting month.  It's my busiest month for school - I'll be done classes soon and then just working on my major research paper (research proposal due this week!) so the end is in sight!


  • Coming home to this little bit of custom Monster High art was a treat for both Vivian and myself!

  • It was indeed the Oscars last night, and of course I watched.  I won my office's Oscar pool too, by some miracle.  I'm always torn on picking who I think will win versus who I want to win.  I didn't reach my goal of watching all the nominated Best Picture/Acting movies this year (I fell short on Trumbo, Bridge of Spies, and Creed) but I still felt like I made a good effort.
  • Vivian loves to dress herself, and I love to see what she comes up with.  The spring-like temperatures yesterday must have inspired this ensemble - that's flowered pants, with a flowered skirt, flowered dress, and then a flowered hoodie to top it all off.  

  • Also in Vivian news - I managed to talk her into cleaning out her room this weekend.  She's been asking to rearrange her room, so I said we would have to clean it and get rid of some toys first.  I was surprised at how agreeable she was with it - she had no problems parting ways with a significant amount of toys.  We ended up with one garbage bag full of garbage, and another full of donations, and I no longer feel like pulling all my hair out when I walk into her room.
  • I deposited a cheque by taking a picture with my phone for the first time the other day - THE FUTURE IS NOW.
  • I finally have all the pieces assembled for my taxes.  Usually, this is an exciting time of year since I typically get a good refund.  I'm pretty nervous this year though - the strike and an increase in freelance work means that things are kind of all over the place.  Fingers crossed I can still pull off getting the roof replaced!
  • I mentioned above that I have a research proposal due this week, which I was really stressed about.  I got some informal approval from the head of the program though, and he seems genuinely excited and impressed by my topic.  I still have to put the whole thing together, but it was definitely a weight off my shoulders to see "That sounds like a very interesting subject!" in his email.
  • Rrroll up the Rim has been a bit of a bust for me (only one free coffee and one free donut) so I'm glad that this week is free coffee at McDonalds week to help get over the defeat.
  • I got some awesome new pins today, but I'm planning on putting together a full post about my pin game later this week, so you can find out more about them then!
Enjoy the last couple hours of your Leap Day, everyone!

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