Monday, 8 February 2016

Treats of the Week - Karma

The week started out well enough.

It was a busy week, but nothing too strenuous.  I was definitely looking forward to the weekend though.  Friday was great - errands, good day at work, productive, nice dinner, good company, the whole thing.  Then on the drive home I noticed a funny sound coming from my car when I would hit a bump.  Turns out some douche canoe decided to hit my car in a parking lot at some point and didn't feel the need to leave a note.  Not just a bump or a scrape, but hit it hard enough to scrape off a bunch of my paint and leave a paint transfer from their vehicle.  Hard enough that I'm looking at a $500 deductible now to get my new car fixed.

Yeah, that was enough to sour my weekend a bit.

Luckily, it was somewhat balanced out by an unexpected cheque arriving in the mail.  Not enough to cover the deductible, but it was a pleasant surprise that will definitely help me get through the week.  And hopefully the prick who hit me will have karma come back to them too.

Things that were actually treats this week...

  • Not only was this week's episode of X-Files hilarious and amazing, it also gifted us this lovely shot of Mulder.

  • Rrroll up the Rim to win is underway and I've already won twice!  Somehow I even managed to win on my very first cup!
  • I've been scratching some more Oscar movies off my list - this weekend was Carol and Steve Jobs.  I'm going to have to step up my game to watch everything in time though - I still have quite a few to get through.
  • I had some great local beer this weekend - both at Toboggan (love love love love) and from Forked River Brewing.  I stopped in their retail store on my lunch break and wasn't sure what to get until this super knowledgeable retired dude enthusiastically explained how amazing every variety of beer is.
  • While doing my readings for class this week I came across the word "pernicious" in two separate articles.  Triple word score.
  • I got these great vintage London postcards on Etsy to add to my collection - the old Howard Johnson and downtown London.

  • I was a freaking champ at getting work done this week - like sitting down and typing 50 pages in a sitting.  It felt great to be so productive.  I spent Saturday working in the Brescia library, which I love because it's so quiet and bright and has such a relaxed atmosphere.  So relaxed, in fact that there was a dog just chilling in the library all day.  I covertly took a picture, sorry my orange juice cup was in the way.

  • So I've been saying for ages that there needs to be a streaming site for all the episodes of The Simpsons, but one that allows you to search by quote to find the episode you want.  Well apparently I should have gotten to work on that because now there's Frinkiac where you can search by quote to find screencaps.  Episode streaming has to be next.
  • I promise not to do this too much, but LOOK HOW CUTE MY NEPHEW IS 

Hope you guys have a good week - and if you see a red vehicle driving around with unreported damage on it, let me know!


JennM said...

Your nephew is super cute:)

Did you, or any of the book club peeps, know that I have a little baby Brody of my own?


Ashlie Hawkins said...

No, I didn't know that! Congratulations! You need to come see us!