Thursday, 7 January 2016

Tangible Goals for 2016

I'm about as good at keeping resolutions as most people are.  I always have the best of intentions, but they're usually short lived.  What can I say?  I'm the worst.  This year, rather than making the typical resolutions (Take better care of myself!  Save money!  Be more active!) I figured I would put up some real, tangible goals for 2016.  Goals sounds better, doesn't it?  These aren't necessarily things that I resolve to change, it's more shit that needs to be DONE. 

  • Replace the roof.  Ugh, my poor roof.  I had every intention of doing it in the spring, but then the strike happened and I decided to continue to pay for the house under the roof and you know, eat and stuff.  The strike ruined those plans, so the roof absolutely needs to be done in 2016.  Yay for being a grown-up.
  • Hang shit up.  I have a terrible habit of buying posters and things and then never getting around to getting frames for them.  Sometimes even once they're in frames I still drag my heels on hanging shit up.  This is my current pile of "shit to hang on the walls".  I want to get it alllllll hung up this year.

  • See more comedy.  It seems like as I get older I go to fewer concerts and more comedy shows.  Comedy shows are awesome - they're super fun and usually fairly inexpensive.  Plus, you're expected to sit down, which is so nice.  I'd like to make more of an effort to go to comedy shows.  Okay, this is more resolutiony, but I'm still putting it here.
  • Paint the fucking table.  Hi, meet the coffee table that's been hanging around for over a year because I started to strip it and then decided that was too much work and now just want to paint it again. 

  • Get another tattoo.  Sorry, mom.  I got my typewriter when I started the DPA program in September and I would like to get another one when I finish the program in July.  There's a couple more tattoos I would like to get, so I would at least like to get one more in 2016.
  • Shop local/Shop small.  I have a terrible habit of finding super cool things online or in shops and walking away because the shipping costs too much or I don't think I should spend money on myself or something.  The thing is, I always love that stuff more.  This year I would like to make more of an effort to buy those things that are lingering on my wish lists, support the small local businesses in town that I love, and actually buy some things at craft fairs rather than just gazing longingly and petting things.  Support small businesses and artists, yo!
That seems like enough for me.  Of course my major priority of 2016 is finishing the DPA program - I have to complete my major research paper by July 29th.  It's looking like I'm not going to go into the MPA program this fall (I'll go back to it later when Vivian is a little older) but I may take a few more courses in 2016 just to keep padding that resume until I'm ready for a new position.  Hit me up with your resolutions/goals - let's go see some comedy together!

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