Tuesday, 15 December 2015

What's Under the Tree for Notorious V.I.V.

Vivian Xmas

Vivian Xmas by ashliehawkins on Polyvore

True to my procrastinator nature, I'm not done shopping.  In fact, I won't be done until Christmas Eve since I get paid that day.  Such is life.  I am, however, almost done with shopping for Vivian since she's ridiculously easy to shop for.  Here's what she can expect to find under the tree this year.

Her big gift from Santa is a desk.  Right now she has a little plastic vanity deal, and she loves sitting at it with her necklaces and other treasures.  The idea of getting her a real "vanity" made me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit though, so I went with a desk.  I don't have a picture of it, since I still have to pick it up, but it's just a small vintage wooden desk that's been painted a few different shades of blue.  It has lots of drawers for all her special little things, and I'm going to give her an old mirror I have to hang above it.  That way she can still use it as a vanity, but I can relax and consider it a desk.

As for everything else, she has requested three very specific kinds of notebooks - including "a large one with Hello Kitty and her bow on it so I can practice my writing".  No problem there

She keeps saying she wants an "American Girl Room" because she's really into the 18" dolls right now.  Luckily for me, she doesn't know the difference between a real American Girl doll and a knockoff.  I got her this little vanity (the doll can have one), a table and chairs set, and this cool corner set up so she can make a little scene for the dolls.  I totally lucked out on this stuff and scored them all for between 40 and 55% off in a Black Friday sale.

She's also asked for "a little set for horses and dolls" which to me meant more Playmobil.  I got her a set on sale at Chapters months ago, and I came across a larger set at Winners the other day, so I might go back for it. 

Shopkins are still super popular at our house, so I'm sure a few sets will find their way into her stocking.

Last year she got two Goldieblox sets and she really seems to enjoy them.  We play with them often, and she really digs being able to build something herself.  I found her the parade float set on clearance at Chapters months ago for like $10.  In the same vein, I found some Roominate sets.  These are dollhouses you can build yourself and can also wire with real working lights.  They might be a little bit old for her still, but when I found them on that clearance rack, I couldn't resist!  Go STEM skills!

It wouldn't be Christmas without some new books.  Vivian loves Press Here, so I'm going to get her Mix it Up.  If you need a gift for some kids, these books are the best.  They're so simple, but super fun.  Kids lose their minds for them.  Vivian wants to read Press Here all the time.

I'm trying not to go too crazy at Christmas this year, but it's so hard when she's still little and actually wants toys.  It won't be long before her Christmas list is all electronics, so I'm going to enjoy this stage while it lasts.

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