Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Treats of the Week - A Week of Sundays

I don't even know, you guys.  Apparently today is Tuesday?  But this whole week kind of feels like a Sunday.  I love this week - anything goes!  I'm off all week, and I consider it to be entirely acceptable to do and wear whatever you want.  Wanna party on a Tuesday?  Sure!  Wear pajamas all day long?  Socially acceptable!  With so many people on vacation or at least in vacation mode, the standards are considerably lowered.  That being said, I hope you all had a very merry holiday if you were celebrating one!  I certainly did - and can't wait to get some more relaxing in this week!

  • While out doing some last minute shopping I found this adorable set of cards at Chapters.  They were already in the clearance section, but I figured I would go back during Boxing Day sales to see if it was any cheaper.  If anyone sees a set - grab it for me!

  • Christmas morning with Vivian was lovely, as always.  She was kind enough to stay in bed until 8:00 a.m. and woke up with all that wonder and magic one can only experience when they're a kid at Christmas.  She loves her new desk and it fits her just perfectly - it was so cute to see her set it up right away, tucking her new gifts and notebooks in all the drawers.

  • Of course it was baby's first Christmas for little Brodeo - he was such a trooper getting passed around so much.

  • It's been an extremely busy few days with family Christmases and events - including tonight when I got to meet my future sister in law's family.  My brother and his lovely lady, Lizz, got our whole crew together tonight at Palasad.  She's a very welcome addition to the family, and it was so awesome to see that her family is just as sweet and wonderful.
  • The only thing better than ridiculously decadent Christmas dinners?  Leftovers in the fridge - there's some slices of pie with my name on them.
  • I was perfectly spoiled for Christmas with some gift cards, new books, my favourite wine, office supplies, and a cozy new hoodie.  It's such a weird thing when you're an adult - I really don't expect anything for Christmas any more, and am constantly telling my mom she doesn't need to buy for us adult children, but it's always so nice when people think of you and find something special.  
I'm whipped and ready for some Netflix - I think this is post number 997 so we'll see if I break 1000 in 2015 or start off 2016 with the 1000th!  Hope you're all having a treat-filled week.

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