Monday, 7 December 2015

Treats of the Week - Vivian's Birthday Week

I just put a 4 year old to bed, and tomorrow morning I'll be waking up a 5 year old.  It's Vivian's birthday tomorrow and she couldn't be more excited!  It's so much fun to see her get her special day - and it's just going to keep going since her party isn't until Sunday!

  • It was also Vivian's Christmas dance recital this past week - I always love to see her dance, and she always loves when she's allowed to wear makeup. 

  • The dance recital also gave me a chance to get in some more snuggle time with my little nephew Brody.  I finally got to see him with his blue eyes open - only took a month!
  • Netflix has bestowed upon us the Bill Murray Christmas Special.  We have decided the only word to adequately describe it is "inscrutable".

  • Strathroy has really stepped up in the world by opening a Swiss Chalet/Harvey's location!  Take-out Swiss Chalet is one of my favourites - especially in the cold weather.  Bring on that sweet delicious Chalet sauce.
  • The new car is really proving herself as I pushed her to 6 kilometers to empty.  With Foxy, I would just reset the odometer when the gas light went on and keep an eye on how far I'd gone.  My record was 64 kilometers.  With the new car, the gas light goes on around 60 kilometers to empty, so I feel like Foxy has her beat.  I'll have to see if I can get it even lower - I like to live right on the edge.

  • The fact that it's December and I still haven't raked my leaves, but I still have time to conceivably do it since there's no snow is definitely a treat.
  • Kim and Kanye naming their son "Saint" is everything I hoped it would be.
I'm hard at work trying to simultaneously write/avoid writing a paper that's due on Wednesday, but once that's done things should really settle down until the new year.  All I want for Christmas right now is a day in bed watching TV and drinking coffee.  Is that so much to ask?

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