Monday, 14 December 2015

Treats of the Week - Serenity Now

Even though it's like 13 degrees outside, apparently it's almost Christmas.  If I didn't have a calendar I would still be able to tell because the dockets at work are as crazy as they are every year around this time, Vivian is acting like a lunatic, people are getting on my nerves seemingly constantly and I'm basically screaming "Serenity now!" in my head all day long.

Ah, the holidays.  It's going to be a long week, but at least there's Star Wars to look forward to on Thursday!

  • The weather has been insanely nice lately - nice enough to sleep with the window open and actually get some yard work done (finally!) on the weekend!
  • I finished a paper last week, the one that I was worried about the most.  It was a massive relief to get it written - just one more to do this week and then I get a bit of a break before the second semester.
  • You know how sometimes you're feeling completely broke and aren't entirely sure how you're going to figure things out for the week (ah, the holidays once again) but then you end up with a little bit of money that you weren't expecting that totally saves your ass?  Yeah, that totally happened today.
  • I am loving this bag from Toboggan Brewery in London - all the plaid things!

  • Vivian's birthday this week was great - everything worked out just as it was supposed to.  The kids had a great time at the party, she was completely spoiled, and now we can focus on getting to that Christmas finish line.
  • I had to do a French court in St. Thomas on Friday, and ended up getting into a bit of an argument with an officer.  I'm sorry, but if you're going to call Carrie Fisher "ugly and heavy" I'm going to go off on a bit of a feminist rant.  When I came out to the parking lot I found this lovely little drawing on my car.  Coincidence?  Misogyny at work?  Karma?  Who knows, but it gave me enough of a reason to finally get my car washed. 

  • Serial is back!  I was beyond excited to see it on Thursday morning and can't wait for this week's episode!  I loved the first season - we'll see if season two can measure up. 

  • I started watching Broad City last night and now I basically just want to sit around in bed watching more of it.  
  • I like to wait until after Vivian's birthday to put up the Christmas tree so we got her all set up on Wednesday.  I love my tacky little white tree - this year I decided to go completely crazy and sat stringing six bags of pom poms together to make a garland, because of course I did.  Also, my tree skirt is my vintage Strawberry Shortcake sheet.

Back to work for me - I'm sure I can be productive while watching Broad City in bed, right?

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