Tuesday, 1 December 2015

New Old Things

I've been spending more and more time in my home office lately, and I am so glad that I have it!  I can't believe there was a time when I'd contemplated turning it into a playroom.  Sorry, Vivian, but I need this room!  It's awesome having a space to throw things that I can't deal with right away, a place for my school work, a place to put things away when I'm tired of looking at them...I feel like everyone just kind of needs a catch all room.  I also love that it's kind of turned into a place for a lot of my thrifting finds - especially since that's where my Wall of Canadiana and Wall of London are!  Here's some of my newish finds - Canadiana and not!

I always seem to come across these souvenir trays and I just can't resist them!

I got this one of Casa Loma and the Expo together at a yard sale, along with the next two items.  I think I paid like $2 for all four pieces.

I mean, it wouldn't be a Wall O Canadiana without some geese, right?

I also got this vintage postcard of the Lake Shore Variety Store in Sarnia.

You would think that there wouldn't be that much London memorabilia floating around out there, but I seem to come across a lot of it!  I found this original signed and numbered print of St. Paul's Cathedral at Value Village for a couple of bucks.

During that same trip I found two more prints in the CFPL Radio Print series to add to the collection - Middlesex College and the County Courthouse.

I also have a bit of a fondness for brass animals - but only when they're kind of unique.  I'm weirdly picky about them.  So far I have a dinosaur, unicorn, pelican, mouse, whale, and now these two little giraffes.

I already have this Walt Disney World ashtray but I couldn't resist grabbing another one!  I just love the painted scenes - and I looked it up on Etsy and some of these are going for as much as $40.  I paid $2 for it.

At the same time that I found that one, I came across this pretty tray.  I like finding things and assuming that they've come from the same home and are still going to live together!

I was really avoiding vintage sheets since I tend to buy a bunch of them and then never quite know what to do with them.  But the other day at Talize I came across a bunch that I just couldn't resist!

These were all together and were too good to pass up.  First up, The Little Mermaid.

Strawberry Shortcake - I found the fitted sheet and the matching flat sheet.

And Cabbage Patch Kids!

I really don't know what to do with them, but I had to have them.  Someone from Australia once contacted me wanting to buy Vivian's vintage Rainbow Bright sheets that I've been using as curtains, so I'm not the only crazy one.  I actually looked these sheets up on Etsy and they're all going for about $20 each.  I paid $4 for each one.  In a perfect world I would learn how to use my sewing machine and would make delightfully twee dresses out of them or something.

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