Monday, 30 November 2015

Treats of the Week - Falling into Place

Have you ever had a week where it finally felt like things were falling into place?  Instead of everything being a struggle, things actually went your way?  I was supposed to have a paper due this Wednesday and was (and still am) woefully unprepared - the prof announced he was pushing the deadline back a week.  I was counting on a cheque coming through so I could pay my tuition by tomorrow's deadline - it actually arrived in the mail today.  Things were even going Vivian's way today - she got a blind bag at the store and actually got the toy she was hoping for.

They might be small wins, but sometimes those small victories are the sweetest ones!

  • In related good news - I got two cookies from Tim Horton's the other day since they didn't have the one I wanted in the first place.  Free cookies taste better.
  • The kids were in the Parkhill parade this weekend on the craziest float I've ever seen.  It was massive - and it even had one of the dancers up on an acro hoop spinning around during the whole parade.  We'll be doing the same thing at the Thedford parade this weekend!

  • I've actually been using the bus in London for pretty much the first time since university.  It's actually pretty comforting.  Another bit of serendipity was being able to catch the exact bus we were looking for downtown even though we weren't exactly sure what time it would be around.
  • Brown & Dickson Booksellers have been getting a lot of my monies lately.  I scored this Novacks bag when I was there this weekend, and it's been a great little purse for when I don't need something huge.

  • I also scored these six vintage Storybook Gardens postcards - perfect for my collection!  I've also brought home far more books than I would care to admit, but that's a whole other story.

  • Another random thing I found this weekend?  This out of date Edward Gorey calendar.  It was tucked away in a box at the Heroes warehouse sale, and I got it for $1.  I love Edward Gorey, so this is perfect for framing!

  • I tried to avoid as much of the Black Friday shopping chaos as I could, choosing instead to hit up some stores downtown.  I did, however, get some great deals online from Sears for Vivian's birthday and Christmas - I'm pretty much done shopping for her now!
  • I had a Christmas party with some friends on Saturday night and it was an awesome time - even though I ended up having a pretty epic wipeout and am now sporting quite the bruise on my shoulder.  Stupid ping pong table.  It got in my way!  My socks were too slippery!  It had nothing to do with the rye!  I even made a special shirt just for the event.

Here's hoping by this time next week I actually have a handle on that paper.  Or I'll be a complete basket case, who knows.

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