Thursday, 19 November 2015

Outfit of the Day - Back in September

I have a bad habit of letting posts linger in my draft folder.  This one has been kicking around since September 28th.  At the time, I took pictures of this outfit because I thought it would be one of the last really warm days of the fall, so I took advantage of the situation to wear something summery-ish.  However, Mother Nature in all her climate change glory had a different idea and we've been given one of the warmest autumns I can remember.  It's been so nice enjoying the warmer weather - even if it's supposed to come to an end this weekend.  Now if only I'd found the time to rake my leaves...

In any event, this was the last day that I wore bare legs for the year.  Always a weird point of the season.  I get to the point of wanting to wear tights again for a change, but as soon as I start to wear them I immediately flip into "ughhhhh tights are so annoying".  Basically I just want to wear pajamas all the time.

Nothing too fancy here, but that floral top from Old Navy has been really nice for the summer.  It's perfect with skinny jeans or with a skirt, and I love that tropic flower pattern.  Of course I had to throw on the cardigan to make it more fall appropriate, but the green totally worked.  On another note, I really need a new emerald green cardigan.  I wear this one all the time and it's totally at the point of needing to be replaced.  If you see an emerald cardigan anywhere, let me know!  Damn trendy colours.

Stupid cardigan that needs to be replaced - Old Navy
Top - Old Navy
Skirt - Maurcies
Shoes - Seychelles
Necklace - House of Wenday (House of Wenday is a great little local retailer who makes cute bags and necklaces - you can find her at most festivals or at The Sentimentalist!)

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