Monday, 19 October 2015

Treats of the Week - Voted!

It's a busy day out there, friends!  It's Election Day in Canada, the Jays are playing a do-or-die game, and Star Wars Episode VII tickets will be available for sale  It doesn't get much treatier than that!  I sincerely hope that everyone had their chance to get out there and vote!

  • I ordered the game Exploding Kittens after reading so much about it online.  It came in the mail today and came with the cutest little comic on the packing slip!  Can't wait to try out the game at the next Games Night!

  • Sometimes the best therapy is singing along with an album you love at the top of your lungs.
  • The Jays have been big news lately in their run for the World Series.  I was stuck in class for the big game on Wednesday, and it was hilarious to watch everyone trying to pay attention while silently reacting to the game being covertly watched on laptops.
  • I totally busted a clerk at the LCBO for singing along to Bryan Adams on the radio.  I was doing the same.
  • It was the Forest City Comicon yesterday and Vivian and I had a great time!  There was so much to see, it was hard to fit it all in!  I scored a poster from Chip Zdarsky, so I was pleased!

  • Friday proved to be a chaotic day when one of our trials had to go to the criminal court to be heard due to some technical difficulties at our location.  I ended up being the one to go, and even though it was an insane day it was pretty cool to be at "the big courthouse" and see how things go there.  Plus I got taken out for lunch, so all the better!

  • I might be getting ahead of myself, but with this colder weather we had over the weekend I think I've mastered the art of looking adorable in a toque.
  • I had a perfectly lovely weekend filled with drinks, movies, and good company.  I managed to get to the Hyland to see Mr. Holmes and really enjoyed it.  I also watched Eli Roth's "Knock Knock" which was sufficiently bonkers.
  • I finally made the call to Bell today to cancel my house phone since I never use it.  I actually unplugged the stupid thing months ago to see if I would even miss it.  When I called, of course they tried to talk me into keeping it.  I did like the idea of still having a landline for emergencies, so I was very pleased when they ended up talking me into keeping the landline, but saving me money on my cable and internet to completely offset the amount of having the home phone.  Hooray!
I'm off to do some work and try to stay on top of election results and baseball results!

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