Monday, 5 October 2015

Treats of the Week - Full Swing

I'm definitely starting to feel the pressure of all the things now that it's October!  October is bringing me multiple writing assignments, freelance deadlines, and travel for French courts.  I'm not freaking out (yet) but I've definitely got an eye on the calendar and am doing my best to keep focused.  At least I've got my birthday at the end of the month to keep me motivated!

For whatever reason this week I took like zero pictures and made no notes about treats like I usually do.  Let's see how well my brain is working today.  Treats!

  • I made a trip out to the DSW on Saturday and actually found a pair of tall boots that I managed to zip up over my calves!  Success!  It barely works, but it works.  

  • I was downtown a lot this past weekend which was spent checking out the warehouse sale at Heroes (on for all of October and November, you should go!), Brown & Dickson Booksellers at the old Novack's building (you should go there too!), and finally going to Attic Books.  Yes, somehow I had never been to Attic Books and now I basically want everything in there to come and live at my house.
  • We got our copy of the Wish Book this week and I was just as excited as Vivian was.  There's nothing quite like flipping through the Wish Book!
  • My sister had a baby shower on the weekend, which meant that I got to eat lots of snacky foods at showers.  The snacks are by far the best part of showers.
  • My brother Brent got engaged to his lovely girlfriend Liz!  It's so weird to think of my younger brother being grown up enough to get married, but I couldn't be happier for them.  And if it means they have a destination wedding and I have an excuse to go away for a real vacation, all the better.
  • I went to see The Martian on Saturday and thought it was awesome!  The more Damon, the better.
  • I just finished folding my laundry.  Trust me, it's an accomplishment.
That's about all I can think of - my brain either needs to speed up or slow down.  Either way the answer is coffee or wine and that's just fine with me.

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