Thursday, 24 September 2015

Very Vivian - Switcheroo

Vivian has been getting very into dolls lately.  She keeps telling me she wants an "American Girl" room and sets up elaborate areas for her dolls with beds and blankets on the floor to act as carpets.  It's great, I really do enjoy seeing her play with toys since it seems to be such a short period of time before kids just get sucked into electronics, but the issue was that her room was looking like this all the time.

All the bedrooms at our house are small.  It doesn't normally bother me, but it was starting to be a problem with Vivian.  I kept trying to rearrange her room and had been considering making the office into a playroom for years.  I am really using my office these days though, with me being in class and doing freelance work at home.  It seemed like her room was just always going to be a disaster, or that her toys would forever spill into the living room and kitchen and every corner of the house.  Then one day it hit me - what if I switched bedrooms with her?

It seemed an indulgent idea at first - giving up the master bedroom to a 4-year old.  The longer I thought about it though, the more sense it made.  The "master" bedroom isn't exactly masterful.  It's just a slightly larger room.  The closet space is the same, there's no en suite, nothing fancy.  I would rather she have more space to play in her own room than having things everywhere anyway.  And so, Vivian and I did the big Switcheroo.

It's still messy, but she has way more room to play.  (There's so much room for activities!)  And I went across the hall, where I have a slightly cozier space that still functions just fine for me.  All I need is my bed and TV anyway.

It's been a couple of weeks, and I only walk into her room expecting it to be my own about six times a day.  She seems to be adjusting to it well - she's even sleeping better since that room is darker and doesn't have the street noise.  Calling this one a success!

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Sylvia said...

love this idea, adults only need rooms for sleeping anyways! We are planning to do the same thing, and at our last two places we used the smaller room for our bedroom as well. apparently ppl sleep better if there is no clutter / stuff in their sleeping space