Monday, 7 September 2015

Treats of the Week - Unofficial End of Summer

Even though it's still sweltering out there, and temperatures are expected to be high for the fall, we have indeed reached the unofficial end of summer.  Vivian's backpack is all set to go, her lunch is packed, her outfit is picked out.  Tomorrow morning she heads off to a new school to start French Immersion - apologies in advance for the ubiquitous kid on the front steps picture tomorrow.  There's still lots of warm summer days ahead, but it definitely feels like that big reset button has been hit.  Things are definitely changing - my classes start this week too.  I should start thinking about my first day of school outfit!

Here's the treats from this week.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road was easily my favourite movie of the summer.  So of course I had to run out and snag my copy of the steelbook.  Good thing I did, because apparently they're sold out!  I've already watched all the special features and can't wait to see it again in IMAX this week.  WITNESS.

  • My friend Jen - er, Nikki, has released her newest book - "Investigating Sherlock".  I'm so proud of all her hard work, and can't wait to do my own Sherlock rewatch with her book in hand.  You should probably pick up a copy of it, especially since she was sweet enough to include me in the acknowledgements!  

  • I've spent most of August swamped by my own procrastination with a transcript order.  I'll never learn, but luckily I work well under pressure and managed to get it all done on time.  What a relief.

  • Vivian and I had a little end of summer outing with my friend Amanda and her kids.  We headed up to Crock a Doodle in Strathroy for the kids to enjoy an activity in some air conditioning.  Vivian was so proud of her painting job on her owl - can't wait to pick it up tomorrow!

  • I took a few days off work - the Thursday/Friday before the long weekend, and tomorrow to take Vivian to her first day at the new school.  Holy crap am I ever glad I did!  I definitely needed those few days off work - I have to remember to make myself extra-long weekends more often.
  • I had a lovely evening last night spent playing some board and card games with friends.  I'm always good to have at games nights because I ultimately lose - I'm terrible at them, but I always enjoy the company.  Plus nights like that result in fun new lingo like "Nitty gritty squeezy titty".  Thanks for that.
  • This hot Labour Day was spent at the beach with my mom, sister, and the kids.  Even though I usually dread a trip to the beach (Ugh, effort.  Ugh, bathing suits.  Ugh, heat.  Ugh.) this ended up being such a nice day.  The weather was perfect, the kids had a blast and Vivian was asleep before 6:30.

  • Aww crap, you guys.  I love this song way more than I should.  Rooftop.

Have a great back to school week if that's where you're heading!

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