Monday, 21 September 2015

Treats of the Week - Feels like Fall

I'm not trying to wish away the warm weather, but there is definitely that feeling of fall in the air.  It's been so nice having the window open at night to sleep, and I don't even mind grabbing a jacket in the mornings.  I'm not quite ready to start using my heated seat and heated steering wheel though!

  • While browsing for fall clothes (because fall clothes are the best of all the clothes) I found this on the Maurices site that apparently hasn't been named yet.  It made me laugh, so of course I had to screen cap it.

  • Those cool fall evenings with windows open also means that it's that magical time of year where I don't have the air conditioner or furnace running - my favourite!
  • It's been quite the experience trying to get back in the swing of being at Western.  I haven't gone to the point of decking myself out in purple when I have class, but I have been enjoying the WesternU app, mostly because I can read the Gazette on it.  It doesn't seem to be quite as trashy and ridiculous as I remember it being, but it makes me pretty happy.
  • The big news of the week was my new tattoo!  I actually wanted to get it back at the beginning of the summer, but the strike changed that plan.  I finished a lot of transcript orders in the last month, so it seemed like a good time to get it done.  Garth Stone at True Love Tattoo was my artist again, and I couldn't be more pleased with the result!

  • I went to Bungalow for dinner on Friday night and had a freaking scallop burger.  It was insane.
  • Vivian and Blair got to dance at the Parkhill Fair on Friday night.  It was a great way to kick off this year of dancing! 
  • Mindy Kaling's new book is out and I had to run out to get it, even though I don't know when I'll have time to read it.  Unless she's written about local government, in which case maybe I can work it into one of my assignments.
  • Honey crisp apples are in season and my mom has already bought two giant bags of them.  Works a lot better than me paying for them.
  • I went to see the documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief and it was SO GOOD.  I was really blown away by it - I thought I had a pretty good idea of what Scientology was like, but there was so much I hadn't realized.  I highly recommend it!
  • I also watched Cooties on the weekend, which didn't quite live up to my expectations.  It was okay, but only okay.  My hopes were pretty high for it.  Luckily I had some pretty great company, so that made it better.
  • Oh Wonder is my new jam - it's nice to have some good chill music.
  • Just tonight my cousins stopped by with the Hawkins family tree materials.  I was expecting a couple of boxes and ended up receiving a couple of boxes, plus a filing cabinet full of materials.  I can't wait to get some time to go through it all and see what's in there!

And now I think it's time to have some chips and wine on the couch while watching some of those new fall shows and getting some of my reading done - sounds like a treat to me!

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