Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Closet 2015

Every year I do a blog post where I basically take an inventory of my closet.  Why?  Well, I find it helps to keep my wardrobe under control, I like seeing how it changes from year to year, people seem to like it, and I find organizing and counting things to be calming.  Here we go for 2015!

Skirts - 12 (and 1 pair of dressy shorts)

I love me a skirt.  It's finally getting to be cool enough that I can go back to my fall skirts and tights and it's so nice to see some old favourites!  The shorts there are the ones on the far left - far shorter than any of my skirts!  I feel okay about wearing them with tights.  The next three skirts are all identical in different colours - I got them on crazy clearance sale at Banana Republic for like $6 each.

These four are more of my summery skirts - lifesavers on a hot day!

I actually haven't worn this skirt before, but I love it.  It's one I picked up from Lovesick before they closed, and I need to have it altered.  It's just an elastic waist and it's a bit big on me so it sits a little funny.  Hopefully a little bit of tailoring will make it perfect!

Hoodies - 3

Actually, only one of them has a hood.  The other two just have collars.  I usually refer to these as my "Goodies" since they're my good hoodies.

Belts - 9

I don't really wear a lot of accessories, but sometimes a belt is just the thing you need!

Pants - 6

Holy crap, I own 6 pairs of pants?  That seems insane - I'm pretty sure last year it was like 2.  I've been sucked in by the jeggings at Maurices and some more good finds from Banana Republic.

Blazers - 4

Yes, two of them are plaid.  I should probably have more plaid blazers.

Vests - 2

I get so many compliments on the vintage one on the left - the last time I wore it to a bar a girl in the bathroom was also wearing a vest and actually said, "Aww, I like yours way better!"

Yoga Pants - 2

What sorcery is this?  More pants?!  Super weird.

Shorts - 2

These shorts served me well for picketing!  I don't like wearing shorts - I'm not crazy about my legs and I just don't feel my best in them, but sometimes you need to have some shorts.

Sweaters - 8

Yes, 8.  I actually forgot one when I was taking the pictures, so there's a picture later on with the things I forgot.  It's really hard to take pictures of all your clothes.  These are all cardigans except for the polka dot one on the right.  I need to mix up my cardigan game, son.

Baseball Shirts - 3

I love me a baseball tee.  They look good on everyone - guys, girls, kids, everybody looks good in a baseball tee.  Love em.

Layering Tanks - 11

These are all just boring plain tank tops that typically get paired with skirts and cardigans.

Tights - 10

This is basically the foundation of all of my outfits in the cool weather.  Today was my first day of wearing tights this season - it has begun!

Button Ups - 5

Ugh, this picture rotated and it's bothering me but not enough to fix it.  Oh well.  Love me some plaid shirts.

Pop Culture Shirts - 6

These are all from TeeFury

Batman Shirts - 5

Yes, normal adults have an entire category of shirts that are Batman-related.

Other graphic shirts - 7

I basically just want to wear funny shirts, cute skirts, and all the plaid things.  That's my dream.

Dressy-ish tops - 8

Sometimes you just need jeans and a cute top, y'know?

Graphic Tank Tops - 6

See above - why wear something plain when you can wear something funny and awesome?

Less Dressy Tank Tops - 6

I swear when I took these pictures it made sense to group them like this but now I have no idea why.  Also, again with the rotated pic.

Maxi Dresses - 3

I kind of embraced the maxi dress this year!  So comfortable, and I feel fancy when I kind of gather it up in my hand when I'm walking.

Striped Dresses - 5

They're all different, I need them all.

Kind of Dressy Dresses - 5

Some of these can still be work dresses, but for the most part they're waiting for the right occasion.

Other Dresses - 9

I couldn't come up with a clever category for these, sorry guys.  But look at the cute dresses!

Ah, the "things I forgot" picture!  So add another to the funny tank top tally, since I couldn't resist this tank on clearance from Banana Republic - it's so perfect for work!

Jacket Town
Left to right:  Yard work jacket, rain jacket, awesome jacket, denim jacket.

Winter jacket, fancy winter jacket, leather jacket.

Scarves - 3

I probably need more plaid scarves.

Converse - 4

They look so cute all hanging out together!  I want to get the plaid ones for fall, shocking exactly no one.

Heels - 4

Those coral ones on the right made me fall hard in the spring and I haven't worn them since.  The black Seychelles are my favourites - worth every freaking penny!

Sandals - 2

Ugh, they look gross.  I'm a big believer in buying one good pair of sandals that will actually last.  The ones on the right are expensive-ish ones from Aldo that will hopefully last me a few seasons.  The ones on the left are just Fakenstocks from the Superstore but are good to throw on for just doing stuff around the house.

Boots - 3

Okay, so I need 3 new pairs of boots.  These are all low boots that are good with skirts and dresses.  I threw out my winter boots at the end of last season - my favourite method to force myself to buy something new.  The old ones were full of holes, but I knew if I kept them around I would convince myself they could handle another season.  So this year I'm on the lookout for new winter boots for shovelling and playing outside with V, tall leather boots (no easy task when you have calves like mine), and maybe a new pair of ankle boots to go with this little trio.

Flats - 5

Most of these need to be replaced - ballet flats get so stinky and gross.  I just get cheap ones so I don't mind throwing them out when the time comes.

Archived Docs - 1

My old Doc Martens from Grade 10.  I can't bear to part with them, but I also don't wear them anymore.  I thought I would be able to pull it off last year but couldn't quite make them work. Maybe I'll strike gold with the perfect outfit this year.

So that's it - the extent of my wardrobe these days.  I feel like I bought a lot more clothes this year than I have in the past - I'm finally starting to figure out what really works for me and investing in some pieces that will last longer.  It's a slow process, but it's nice to get rid of things and focus on finding clothes that I really love and that make me feel my best.

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