Wednesday, 9 September 2015


We met almost 10 years ago.  My mom said she had never seen me smile quite as big as when I pulled into the driveway with her.  I didn't choose her, but she chose me.  My Foxy Focus.  When I first got her, I could never find her in a parking lot so I added the Fox stickers on either side.  She's been Foxy ever since.  She's currently sitting at just under 343,000 kilometers, and tomorrow she's going to live out the rest of her days on a farm.  Yes, after all this time I'm upgrading from my 2005 Ford Focus to a 2015 Ford Focus.  Another black hatchback - Foxy 2.0.  I'm excited, but I'm sad to let my Foxy go.  Even Vivian keeps saying she doesn't want to get rid of Foxy, she just wants us to drive her forever.  This is my first car, and it's been better to me than I deserved.  She's gotten me through winter weather when I had no business being out.  She's held on until I got to a gas station every single time that I let the tank run as far as I dared (our record is 64 kilometers with the gas light on).  She's regularly gone 20,000 kilometers between oil changes with nary a complaint.

Even now, when her headlights don't work (I only have high beams), and the dashboard display doesn't light up at night (I'm really good at guessing my speed in the dark), the windshield wiper is held on with a zip tie, the defrost doesn't work, nor does the air conditioning and after it rains you can hear water sloshing around somewhere in the rear of the car - I'm going to miss her.  It will be nice to have the peace of mind of having a reliable vehicle, and I know that this little car doesn't owe me a thing, but I owe her everything.

So thank you, Foxy.  Thank you for putting up with my heavy foot and hard turns and messy ways.  Thank you for getting me through all those kilometers and always being a blast to drive.  Foxy 2.0 has some big rims to live up to.  Enjoy your retirement with Brent - I'm sure there are more adventures in store for you.

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