Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Closet 2015

Every year I do a blog post where I basically take an inventory of my closet.  Why?  Well, I find it helps to keep my wardrobe under control, I like seeing how it changes from year to year, people seem to like it, and I find organizing and counting things to be calming.  Here we go for 2015!

Skirts - 12 (and 1 pair of dressy shorts)

I love me a skirt.  It's finally getting to be cool enough that I can go back to my fall skirts and tights and it's so nice to see some old favourites!  The shorts there are the ones on the far left - far shorter than any of my skirts!  I feel okay about wearing them with tights.  The next three skirts are all identical in different colours - I got them on crazy clearance sale at Banana Republic for like $6 each.

These four are more of my summery skirts - lifesavers on a hot day!

I actually haven't worn this skirt before, but I love it.  It's one I picked up from Lovesick before they closed, and I need to have it altered.  It's just an elastic waist and it's a bit big on me so it sits a little funny.  Hopefully a little bit of tailoring will make it perfect!

Hoodies - 3

Actually, only one of them has a hood.  The other two just have collars.  I usually refer to these as my "Goodies" since they're my good hoodies.

Belts - 9

I don't really wear a lot of accessories, but sometimes a belt is just the thing you need!

Pants - 6

Holy crap, I own 6 pairs of pants?  That seems insane - I'm pretty sure last year it was like 2.  I've been sucked in by the jeggings at Maurices and some more good finds from Banana Republic.

Blazers - 4

Yes, two of them are plaid.  I should probably have more plaid blazers.

Vests - 2

I get so many compliments on the vintage one on the left - the last time I wore it to a bar a girl in the bathroom was also wearing a vest and actually said, "Aww, I like yours way better!"

Yoga Pants - 2

What sorcery is this?  More pants?!  Super weird.

Shorts - 2

These shorts served me well for picketing!  I don't like wearing shorts - I'm not crazy about my legs and I just don't feel my best in them, but sometimes you need to have some shorts.

Sweaters - 8

Yes, 8.  I actually forgot one when I was taking the pictures, so there's a picture later on with the things I forgot.  It's really hard to take pictures of all your clothes.  These are all cardigans except for the polka dot one on the right.  I need to mix up my cardigan game, son.

Baseball Shirts - 3

I love me a baseball tee.  They look good on everyone - guys, girls, kids, everybody looks good in a baseball tee.  Love em.

Layering Tanks - 11

These are all just boring plain tank tops that typically get paired with skirts and cardigans.

Tights - 10

This is basically the foundation of all of my outfits in the cool weather.  Today was my first day of wearing tights this season - it has begun!

Button Ups - 5

Ugh, this picture rotated and it's bothering me but not enough to fix it.  Oh well.  Love me some plaid shirts.

Pop Culture Shirts - 6

These are all from TeeFury

Batman Shirts - 5

Yes, normal adults have an entire category of shirts that are Batman-related.

Other graphic shirts - 7

I basically just want to wear funny shirts, cute skirts, and all the plaid things.  That's my dream.

Dressy-ish tops - 8

Sometimes you just need jeans and a cute top, y'know?

Graphic Tank Tops - 6

See above - why wear something plain when you can wear something funny and awesome?

Less Dressy Tank Tops - 6

I swear when I took these pictures it made sense to group them like this but now I have no idea why.  Also, again with the rotated pic.

Maxi Dresses - 3

I kind of embraced the maxi dress this year!  So comfortable, and I feel fancy when I kind of gather it up in my hand when I'm walking.

Striped Dresses - 5

They're all different, I need them all.

Kind of Dressy Dresses - 5

Some of these can still be work dresses, but for the most part they're waiting for the right occasion.

Other Dresses - 9

I couldn't come up with a clever category for these, sorry guys.  But look at the cute dresses!

Ah, the "things I forgot" picture!  So add another to the funny tank top tally, since I couldn't resist this tank on clearance from Banana Republic - it's so perfect for work!

Jacket Town
Left to right:  Yard work jacket, rain jacket, awesome jacket, denim jacket.

Winter jacket, fancy winter jacket, leather jacket.

Scarves - 3

I probably need more plaid scarves.

Converse - 4

They look so cute all hanging out together!  I want to get the plaid ones for fall, shocking exactly no one.

Heels - 4

Those coral ones on the right made me fall hard in the spring and I haven't worn them since.  The black Seychelles are my favourites - worth every freaking penny!

Sandals - 2

Ugh, they look gross.  I'm a big believer in buying one good pair of sandals that will actually last.  The ones on the right are expensive-ish ones from Aldo that will hopefully last me a few seasons.  The ones on the left are just Fakenstocks from the Superstore but are good to throw on for just doing stuff around the house.

Boots - 3

Okay, so I need 3 new pairs of boots.  These are all low boots that are good with skirts and dresses.  I threw out my winter boots at the end of last season - my favourite method to force myself to buy something new.  The old ones were full of holes, but I knew if I kept them around I would convince myself they could handle another season.  So this year I'm on the lookout for new winter boots for shovelling and playing outside with V, tall leather boots (no easy task when you have calves like mine), and maybe a new pair of ankle boots to go with this little trio.

Flats - 5

Most of these need to be replaced - ballet flats get so stinky and gross.  I just get cheap ones so I don't mind throwing them out when the time comes.

Archived Docs - 1

My old Doc Martens from Grade 10.  I can't bear to part with them, but I also don't wear them anymore.  I thought I would be able to pull it off last year but couldn't quite make them work. Maybe I'll strike gold with the perfect outfit this year.

So that's it - the extent of my wardrobe these days.  I feel like I bought a lot more clothes this year than I have in the past - I'm finally starting to figure out what really works for me and investing in some pieces that will last longer.  It's a slow process, but it's nice to get rid of things and focus on finding clothes that I really love and that make me feel my best.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Treats of the Week - All the Things

This past weekend was one of those weekends where is seems like EVERYTHING is happening.  I feel like it happens once a season - there is one weekend that comes along that it just chock-full of events and things to do.  I did my best to attend as much as I could, and it was an awesome, if exhausting, time!

  • Much of the weekend was spent at the London Comic Con which was a great time.  I have to admit, my expectations were pretty low, but it turned out to be a really great weekend with awesome guests and vendors and a great set up.  Vivian came out for the day on Saturday and loved it, and I even had a friend come up from the States to check it out.  Of course the cherry on top was the fact that cartoon me made an appearance on the cover of the program thanks to the lovely and talented Dustin Adrian.  That's me on the right - the Furiosa cosplayer.  There's still more comicon fun to be had in October when Forest City ComiCon rolls into town!

  • Saturday was also My Dundas - a street festival designed to gauge whether or not Dundas Street between Richmond and Talbot should be used as a pedestrian festival space on a regular basis.  It was a great little festival - Vivian wandered around in all her Princess Leia glory while we checked out crafts, food trucks,  face painting, drew in the street with chalk, and built elaborate thrones out of milk crates.  I sincerely hope they keep it up next summer!

  • This past weekend was also one of my favourite events - Doors Open.  Every year, Doors Open London gives people a chance to check out various buildings and locations around the city.  Mom and I took Vivian and Lucas out and we checked out the Middlesex County Court Building (my favourite building in the city), the First Hussars Museum, Eldon House, LPS Headquarters, and the Jet Aircraft Museum.  The kids had a great time, and mom and I really enjoyed ourselves too.  My favourite part at the Old Court was seeing the series of Ting comics they have hanging near the jail cells. 

  • Last week I mentioned how I was loving Oh Wonder and have been listening to them non-stop.  I even heard them playing at Starbucks the other day - it's funny how once you discover something all of a sudden it's all around you.
  • It was another successful evening of Retromania at the Hyland on Friday night too - the screening of True Romance might have started a little late for me, but it was awesome to see it on the big screen!
  • While eating in my car the other day disaster struck - something spilled and I was on my lunch break.  I was sure that I would have to go back to work with a massive food stain on me, but when I looked down I saw that the entire spill landed on my seatbelt strap.  They're not just for saving lives, but also for saving wardrobes.
  • Ever since moving to Strathroy I've wondered about this house.  It seemed so different from the other houses on the street, and I just knew it was a beauty in there.  I was so excited to see it was on the market so I could creep on some pictures and wasn't disappointed!  It was a further feather in my cap when I posted the listing on the Forest City Modern facebook group and people agreed with me!
  • I've been working my way through Scrubs on Netflix as my falling asleep show and was so pleased to hear them using a Say Anything song in the background of an episode.  I might just have to pull out my CDs now that I have a car with a CD player that actually works.

Enjoy that fall weather out there guys - with or without a Pumpkin Spiced Latte!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Very Vivian - Switcheroo

Vivian has been getting very into dolls lately.  She keeps telling me she wants an "American Girl" room and sets up elaborate areas for her dolls with beds and blankets on the floor to act as carpets.  It's great, I really do enjoy seeing her play with toys since it seems to be such a short period of time before kids just get sucked into electronics, but the issue was that her room was looking like this all the time.

All the bedrooms at our house are small.  It doesn't normally bother me, but it was starting to be a problem with Vivian.  I kept trying to rearrange her room and had been considering making the office into a playroom for years.  I am really using my office these days though, with me being in class and doing freelance work at home.  It seemed like her room was just always going to be a disaster, or that her toys would forever spill into the living room and kitchen and every corner of the house.  Then one day it hit me - what if I switched bedrooms with her?

It seemed an indulgent idea at first - giving up the master bedroom to a 4-year old.  The longer I thought about it though, the more sense it made.  The "master" bedroom isn't exactly masterful.  It's just a slightly larger room.  The closet space is the same, there's no en suite, nothing fancy.  I would rather she have more space to play in her own room than having things everywhere anyway.  And so, Vivian and I did the big Switcheroo.

It's still messy, but she has way more room to play.  (There's so much room for activities!)  And I went across the hall, where I have a slightly cozier space that still functions just fine for me.  All I need is my bed and TV anyway.

It's been a couple of weeks, and I only walk into her room expecting it to be my own about six times a day.  She seems to be adjusting to it well - she's even sleeping better since that room is darker and doesn't have the street noise.  Calling this one a success!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Treats of the Week - Feels like Fall

I'm not trying to wish away the warm weather, but there is definitely that feeling of fall in the air.  It's been so nice having the window open at night to sleep, and I don't even mind grabbing a jacket in the mornings.  I'm not quite ready to start using my heated seat and heated steering wheel though!

  • While browsing for fall clothes (because fall clothes are the best of all the clothes) I found this on the Maurices site that apparently hasn't been named yet.  It made me laugh, so of course I had to screen cap it.

  • Those cool fall evenings with windows open also means that it's that magical time of year where I don't have the air conditioner or furnace running - my favourite!
  • It's been quite the experience trying to get back in the swing of being at Western.  I haven't gone to the point of decking myself out in purple when I have class, but I have been enjoying the WesternU app, mostly because I can read the Gazette on it.  It doesn't seem to be quite as trashy and ridiculous as I remember it being, but it makes me pretty happy.
  • The big news of the week was my new tattoo!  I actually wanted to get it back at the beginning of the summer, but the strike changed that plan.  I finished a lot of transcript orders in the last month, so it seemed like a good time to get it done.  Garth Stone at True Love Tattoo was my artist again, and I couldn't be more pleased with the result!

  • I went to Bungalow for dinner on Friday night and had a freaking scallop burger.  It was insane.
  • Vivian and Blair got to dance at the Parkhill Fair on Friday night.  It was a great way to kick off this year of dancing! 
  • Mindy Kaling's new book is out and I had to run out to get it, even though I don't know when I'll have time to read it.  Unless she's written about local government, in which case maybe I can work it into one of my assignments.
  • Honey crisp apples are in season and my mom has already bought two giant bags of them.  Works a lot better than me paying for them.
  • I went to see the documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief and it was SO GOOD.  I was really blown away by it - I thought I had a pretty good idea of what Scientology was like, but there was so much I hadn't realized.  I highly recommend it!
  • I also watched Cooties on the weekend, which didn't quite live up to my expectations.  It was okay, but only okay.  My hopes were pretty high for it.  Luckily I had some pretty great company, so that made it better.
  • Oh Wonder is my new jam - it's nice to have some good chill music.
  • Just tonight my cousins stopped by with the Hawkins family tree materials.  I was expecting a couple of boxes and ended up receiving a couple of boxes, plus a filing cabinet full of materials.  I can't wait to get some time to go through it all and see what's in there!

And now I think it's time to have some chips and wine on the couch while watching some of those new fall shows and getting some of my reading done - sounds like a treat to me!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Fall TV 2015

Somehow it's that time of year again - fall TV is about to get started.  Time to set those PVRs and get comfy on your couch.  I'm actually trying to scale back my regular weekly TV viewing so I'm not planning on picking up too many of the new shows.  Relatively speaking, at least.  Here is what  I'm planning on watching and recording this fall - as always, it isn't an exhaustive list of all the new shows, just the ones that strike my fancy.

My timers list is looking awfully sad these days

Tuesday, September 15

  • The Mindy Project - CityTV  Thursday, November 5 at 9:30 p.m. - I put this on September 15th because that's the Hulu release date, since that's where Mindy has gone since being cancelled by Fox.  Luckily for us Canadians, CityTV will be airing the new episodes, but they're not starting until November 5th at 9:30 p.m.  The Mindy Project is one of my favourite shows and I'm so relieved that it's been saved!
  • Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris - NBC 10:00 p.m. (time slot premiere September 29 at 8:00 p.m.) - I'm not really one to go for variety shows, but NPH is just so likeable I figure it's worth giving it a shot.  I imagine it will end up being something I don't go out of my way to watch every week, but would end up watching if I stumble upon it.

Monday, September 21
  • Gotham - FOX 8:00 p.m. - Gotham almost lost me last year, but I held on until the end of the season and I'm excited to see where they go from here.  It sounds like they're going to take a different approach for season 2 - not so much of a "criminal of the week" and going for more overarching plots.
  • Big Bang Theory - CBS 8:00 p.m. - Big Bang Theory is TV comfort food.
  • Life in Pieces - CBS 8:30 p.m. - This seems a little high concept and could potentially fall apart or get tedious, but I love enough of the cast to give it a shot.
  • Blindspot - NBC 10:00 p.m. - I keep going back and forth on whether I'm going to bother watching this.  You'll notice as you go through here that I'm favouring half hour comedies these days - hour long dramas seem like such a commitment, I'm getting really picky about them.  Blindspot seems to be getting set up as the new Blacklist, and I fell out of that after the first season.  I'll give it a few episodes and see how it goes.
Tuesday, September 22
  • Scream Queens - FOX 8:00 p.m. (time slot premiere September 29 at 9:00 p.m.) - I'm really excited about this one - a new horror-comedy from Ryan Murphy.  The cast is solid (Jamie Lee Curtis!) the concept is fun and the whole style of it looks awesome.  I'm in.
  • The Muppets - ABC 8:00 p.m. - Who doesn't love the Muppets?  If you're not excited about this, then we should probably stop hanging out.
Wednesday, September 23
  • The Goldbergs - CBS 8:30 p.m. - If you're not watching this show, you really should be.  It's so fun and I love the nostalgia factor.  
  • Empire - FOX 9:00 p.m. - Yes, I was one of those people who marathoned their way through Empire and can't wait for the new season.  I'm glad to see that the second season is only 18 episodes, instead of pushing it to the standard 22.  Hopefully that maintains the quality.
  • Nashville - ABC 10:00 p.m. - I almost gave up on Nashville, but I ended up sticking with it.  Honestly, I'm finding a lot of the plot lines to be really tedious, but I'm thinking that might be because I love Juliette's character and they had so much to work around in the last season because of Hayden Panettiere's pregnancy.

Thursday, September 24
  • Heroes Reborn - NBC 8:00 p.m. - I think I stopped watching the original run of Heroes somewhere in the third season.  I'm pleased to see them going back to the stories, and I'm hoping they can pull it off by getting back to what made the first season so wonderful, but I'm wary.  
  • Scandal - ABC 9:00 p.m. - Scandal is the greatest.  Watch this show.

Sunday, September 27
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - FOX 8:30 p.m. - This show continues to surprise me.  I wasn't super crazy about it after the first season, but found it really gelled for me after I rewatched it on Netflix.  Watching them back to back really made it funnier.  The characters are so well written and work so well together - I can't wait to see what happens once Bill Hader is added to the cast.
  • Last Man on Earth - FOX 9:30 p.m. - Seriously, this show is SO GOOD.  I don't know where the first season is available (obviously you can download it, and I think maybe Shomi has it?) but you should watch it.  It's hilarious and outlandish and bizarre and amazing.
Tuesday, September 29
  • Grandfathered - FOX 8:00 p.m. - John Stamos is a hot grandpa.  Sure, why not?
  • The Grinder - FOX 8:30 p.m. - I'm a sucker for a legal comedy.  This one stars Fred Savage and Rob Lowe, so that really ups the ante.  It's so nice to see Fred Savage in front of the camera again, he's done a lot of directing in the last few years.
Saturday, October 3
  • Saturday Night Live - NBC 11:29 p.m. - Yes, I still watch SNL every week.  I can assure you, it's much better as Sunday Morning Recorded.  I'm really excited to see Amy Schumer try her hand at hosting, as well as the return of Tracy Morgan.

Sunday, October 4
  • The Leftovers - HBO 9:00 p.m. - It feels like it's been forever since the first season finale, I'm actually a little worried about going back to it in the second season because the details seem so fuzzy.  I did really enjoy how they ended the first season though, so hopefully there's a good "Last season on The Leftovers" bumper to start things off.
  • The Affair - Showtime 10:00 p.m. - I was surprised at how much I liked this show, actually.  I probably won't watch it week to week for season 2 though, I think it works better for me in the marathon style.

Thursday, October 6
  • The Flash - CW 8:00 p.m. - Honestly, I haven't watched the first season entirely.  I got to a point where I had fallen so far behind on Arrow that I stopped watching The Flash because there were so many crossover episodes I didn't want to get confused.  I've added it here because I'll still record it for whenever I get all caught up.

Wednesday, October 7
  • Arrow - CW 8:00 p.m. - See above - I'm actually stuck in the second season of Arrow right now, but I'll keep recording it for when I eventually will be caught up.
  • American Horror Story: Hotel - FX 10:00 p.m. - You never know quite what to expect from AHS, and with the addition of Lady Gaga the stakes seem even higher.  I enjoyed Freak Show, but thought it got a little muddled with the story.  I'm hoping that Hotel can have a bit more direction with the plot, especially since the rumour is they will be basing some of the plot on the Elisa Lam story.

Friday, October 9
  • Undateable - NBC 8:00 p.m. - My PVR actually stopped recording this show in season 2 (stop trying to make choices for me, PVR!) but I want to start watching the third season because it's going to be all live episodes.  At the end of the second season they did a few live episodes, and apparently that's how they will be handling things going forward.  It feels like a stunt, but I'm hoping it pays off.

Friday, October 16
  • Truth be Told - NBC 8:30 p.m. - The show doesn't look great, and the Friday time slot doesn't bode well, but I do love me some Mark-Paul Gosselaar.  The fact that the show also stars Tone Bell definitely helps - I loved him on Bad Judge as Tedward.
  • The Knick - Cinemax 10:00 p.m. - I'm really excited for season 2 of The Knick.  I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't back in the summer, but I suppose that a fall premiere means that they're expecting it to do better.  I loved the look of the first season, it's so dark and weird and wonderful.

Monday, October 26
  • Supergirl - CBS 8:30 (timeslot premiere November 2 at 8:00 p.m.) - Yes, the trailer does look a little bit too much like a romantic comedy, but I'm hoping they can balance the lightness with some serious action sequences.
Tuesday, October 27
  • Wicked City - ABC 10:00 p.m. - The buzz around this show so far hasn't been great, but I'm a sucker for the retro setting and I like the fact that it's going to be an anthology, with a new era and location planned for each season.

Saturday, October 31
  • Ash vs. Evil Dead - Starz 9:00 p.m. - Okay, I'm not a total Evil Dead fangirl or anything, but this does look fun and I know enough people who will be excited about this that I figured I should include it.  
See?  It's not that much, right?  At least half hour comedies are easy to sneak in here and there.  There's a lot of stuff coming up midseason too - the world has changed with TV, they can premiere things whenever they want now!  There are no rules anymore!

Happy TV viewing, guys!

Monday, 14 September 2015

Treats of the Week - New Normal

Last week was unusually busy - not only was it back to school for both Vivian and I, but I also decided to switch our bedrooms (yeah, I'll post about that ordeal later), go to a concert, and buy a new car.  So there was a lot of running around and unusual evenings.  This week marks the beginning of the new normal for us - a little bit less craziness, but we have to adjust to school plus Vivian's activities starting up.  We're just doing swimming and dance this year, and hopefully will throw in some music lessons at some point.  Even scaling back, it seems like we're always on the go.

Here's the treats from our very busy week.

  • Jenn and I went to see Modest Mouse on Thursday night and it was an awesome, albeit long, show!  Neither of us had ever seen them before and I was so pleased to see all the instruments they had out on stage with them.  No backing tracks here - they had violins, trumpets, banjos, I think I saw a standing bass up there too.  It was quite the hipster parade at the show too - I've never seen so many beards in all my life.

  • The students are back in town, which meant my post-concert stop at the McDonalds at Oxford and Wharncliffe was more interesting than usual.  Not only did I see a public couple fight (my favourite!) but I saw a public couple fight where the couple in question were wearing matching plaid shirts.  Western students are just the gift that keeps on giving.
  • I picked up my new car on Thursday after picking it out on Tuesday with my dad.  It was a bit of a whirlwind, but I'm so glad I finally got around to getting something new and safe.  It has lots of fun features (Backup camera!  Heated seats!  It reads my texts to me!) and I was really pleased with the service at McDonnell Ford in Strathroy.  The more I look at it, the more I wanted it tinted though!  Hopefully for my birthday!  I haven't had it on any long drives yet - I am easily convinced of a roadtrip right now!

  • After going for a drive in the new car with my brother Matt, we were heading back to the dealership to pick up his truck.  Just as we were about to pull in, "Foxy Lady" came on the radio.  I took it as a sign that my Foxy Focus was happy that I had a new ride.
  • So far my classes seem really great.  Everyone in the program seems normal and nice, which is good since there's only about 19 of us total.  The instructors are very understanding and approachable, and the workload seems very doable.  Ask me again in about six weeks though, I might be eating these words.
  • Oh what's this?  A little prime rib for Sunday dinner at mom's?  Yes, give me all of it please.

  • Vivian and I had a nice chill day on Saturday after being on the go all week.  We went to Graphic Novel Group and out for lunch, then headed down to the river to play in the park and check out the ducks and the fountain.  The weather was so perfect and fall-y, it was so nice to just be outside and enjoy some time together.  After our little downtown outing, we went to Old Navy and Vivian insisted on having her picture taken with the mannequins - while holding her new Groot toy.

That's all for treats this week - I have to focus on my So You Think You Can Dance Finale!