Monday, 17 August 2015

Treats of the Week - Vacation Mode

I'm out of town for a few days (please don't rob me, I really don't have anything of value) taking in the sights at Niagara Falls. Three adults, five kids. Should be interesting. So I'm blogging from my phone today and probably won't be back with anything else until Thursday. But now, treats! 

One of the JPs at work got us reporters a welcome back treat - it was terribly rich but still damn good 

I made the trek to Windsor on Saturday with Jenn to check out Kevin Smith at comicon. He spoke for 4 solid hours, it was kind of insane, but awesome. I'm so glad that I finally got the chance to see him after all these years. 

I used to have a pretty hard and fast rule about not buying myself jewelry, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I got myself this Doubleplusgood necklace from Out of Print - a nice little subtle nod to 1984. 

I've been back on a shirt making kick - my new "I know things sometimes" shirt will be perfect for an upcoming trivia night.

There are few things worse in this world than getting a Boston Cream donut only to have all the chocolate melted onto the bag. When I went through the drive-thru the other day the dude told me the donuts had just come out of the oven and were freshly glazed so he put it in a box for me. 

I've been trying to actually buy some of the art I've been admiring on Etsy after all these years, so this week I messaged the artist Rob Ozborne to see if he would do a reprint for me of a print he used to sell. He was super accommodating and shipped it out to me right away. I'm so happy with it - just need to get it in a frame! 

It was the meteor shower this past week and I managed to see a couple of shooting stars while snuggled up in a blanket in my backyard with a beer. When I was a kid I would typically be at summer camp for that week and we would sleep on the beach for the peak night of the meteor shower. Watching it in  my backyard wasn't quite as nice as that, but I'm still glad I got to watch it.

I've been making an effort to get my nails done once a week since I enjoy having them painted but hate painting them myself. Getting a polish change instead of a full manicure is a cheap alternative. I've been trying out some different spas and nail bars trying to find somewhere I could go regularly. This week I check out L'Mar on Fanshawe Park Road at Adelaide. What happens when you find an someone who will paint your nails while showing you her tattoos and talking about David Bowie's penis? You take her business card so she can always paint your nails. 

I scored a free iced cap from Tim Horton's the other day because they had made one by mistake. Yay for being in the right place at the right time. 

Have a week, everybody! 

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