Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Treats of the Week - Tuesday is the new Monday

Yeah, yeah.  Foiled again by a long weekend!  I kept remembering then forgetting that it was Monday yesterday, which led to me missing my garbage day and not getting a blog post up.  Things happen.

  • Big news - I got my internet browser updated at work, which means I can actually use Blogger when I'm at work!  Seems dumb, but I used to really like being able to write a quick blog post on my lunch break, especially if I had a busy evening ahead of me.  With an outdated browser I wasn't able to use Blogger, so this should let me post a little more frequently.
  • I started watching Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and am actually enjoying it more than the movie.  I watched the movie a couple of years ago and just wasn't as crazy about it as everyone else seems to be.  I really like how the series is just swinging for the fences and being really absurd and meta and outlandish.  Haven't finished it yet, but so far some of the gags have had me in stitches.
  • I spent much of the long weekend bartending at community events in Thedford.  On Saturday night my mom and I got home late and found my brother's truck parked like this blocking the entire driveway.  I laughed so hard.  Mom wasn't impressed.

  • I saw a fancy green Lamborghini in London on Thursday night.  There's a black one that I see around pretty frequently, but the green one was new to me!
  • The news of Ian McShane being cast in the upcoming season of Game of Thrones led to me texting people "Ian Mc Fucking Shane is going to be in Game of Fucking Thrones!"  So I'm pretty excited about it.
  • Sleepovers at my mom's house also meant that I had bacon made for me the next day.
  • I went to see the documentary "Amy" on Thursday night, which was really great in a heartbreaking kind of way.  It was a tough watch, but I had some lovely ladies by my side which definitely made it better.
  • Remember how I pumped to exactly $48 the other day?  Last night my pump stopped at exactly $51.  Yeah it sucks to spend $51 in gas, but the even number helped to soften the blow.
  • Usually Sunday dinner at my mom's is just me, but this week Sunday (Monday) dinner had the whole fam-damily, and I finally got to meet my brother's lovely girlfriend.  Food always tastes better when I don't cook it.

  • And yes, most of my weekend was spent bartending at Funion Days in Thedford.  It was work, but it's fun work and I got to see a lot of great people and support a community that I love.  Plus there were fights and stuff, so it wasn't dull.

...and now back to my regularly scheduled refreshing of the 20th Century Fox YouTube channel waiting for the HD Deadpool trailer.

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