Monday, 24 August 2015

Treats of the Week - Summertime Slowdown

Hello, friends!  This has seemed like an oddly long week after being away for a few days and then back to work for the end of the week.  I probably should have just taken the whole week off since I ended up feeling not to great for a couple of days but that's just the way you have to learn your lessons sometimes.  It's kind of a weird time of year - we still have a couple of weeks before it's back to school time, but there aren't many summer plans left.  We're in that in between time where there is no swimming lessons, dance lessons, skating lessons, nothing.  Just a couple of weeks to relax and try to get some things scratched off of the to-do list I guess.  Still lots of time for treats though.

  • The little getaway to Niagara Falls was really nice - Vivian had a great time.  She was a perfect age to take right now since she was free to get into most places!  It was really fun to walk around with her and check out some of the wax museums.  She was crazy enough to try and talk me into taking her to one of the haunted houses but I didn't go for that, even though she assured me she would "just be really brave".

  • I've been spending lots of time working away in my home office these days, and having a cute bulletin board definitely makes it more pleasant.

  • Vivian slept in until 10am on Sunday morning!  Hooray!
  • It's no secret that I love Hello Holiday and I love seeing how they update their sign at the brick and mortar store in Omaha.  The Craft 4 lyfe!

  • I've been pretty blown away by all of the photos of Banksy's Dismaland the sheer magnitude of the project is mind boggling.  I can't see enough pictures, I'm really hoping there will be a documentary about it similar to Banksy Does New York.  Or, you know, someone can offer to take me there for a visit.  Whichever.
  • I definitely don't need any new glasses, but these ones from Indigo are GOLD AND PLAID!  

  • I went to Western the other day to get my new student card (with the worst picture ever) and pick up my textbooks.  It was so weird to be back on campus - things are so familiar but completely different.  Of course I was a giant nerd and did my traditional dry run of finding my classroom - something I've done every year since high school.
  • Jerry Melo is offering his services as an electrician.  In unrelated news, I've been ripping light fixtures out of my walls.

  • Still loving seeing all those nice cars out there with the nice weather.  I saw an Audi R8 this weekend, the second one that I've seen in London this summer.
  • When I haven't been working in my home office I've been logging hours working away at Coffee Culture and the library.  The pistachio muffin at Coffee Culture might be an alarming shade of green but it is so damn tasty!

  • Big Brother is a summer guilty pleasure that ranks right up there with Bachelor in Paradise.  It's frustrating that I don't have anyone to talk to about Big Brother though, since I don't really know many people who watch it.  It was great to find a couple of people at work who watch it though - I need people who understand me obsessing over Johnny Mac!
  • I love me some 19 Crimes wine (and it's on sale right now!) and I love collecting those corks.  I was irrationally excited to get Bigamy this time.

  • After finishing the first draft of a long transcript the other day I noticed I finished with 33333 words.  Here's hoping that's a good sign that proofreading will go smoothly.

Enjoy these last days of summer, friends!  The sedum in my garden is starting to change colours already - fall isn't far away!

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