Monday, 31 August 2015

Treats of the Week - Crunch Time

A week from now I'll be cursing to myself as I go back to packing lunches.  Yes, we're down to the final week of summer and it's definitely crunch time at our house.  Vivian starts at a new school on Tuesday, I start classes on Wednesday and it feels like we both have a million things to do between now and then.  I'm also under a deadline for this week (and then two more deadlines immediately after) so that is really upping the ante for this week.  It's a good thing to be busy though, so I'm trying not to complain.  Just focus on the treats, keep my head down, and just keep swimming.

  • I took Vivian to a special screening of Labyrinth in support of the upcoming Forest City ComiCon.  I was a little worried it would be too scary for her, but she did really well!  She loved seeing the cosplayers and has been talking about the Goblin King and the "big sister" all week.  Score one for pop culture education.
  • While driving in Strathroy the other day Vivian and I happened upon a horse-drawn carriage.  Certainly not what we're used to seeing in our neighbourhood.
  • Gas prices are super low right now - and I seem to be celebrating by shopping for a new car before poor Foxy bites the dust. 
  • I had a trivia night on Friday night - it was a great time with awesome people, made even better by the fact that we placed third.  I, however, was irrationally upset by this clue where they used a photoshopped image from Back to the Future II (and they also said that Back to the Future was an acceptable answer.  I was displeased.)

  • Things that are cool: getting awesome gifts for no reason from an awesome person.  Things that are even cooler: when said gift is a book about Pacific Rim.

  • My mom was in town doing some shopping the other day and it worked out that we got to meet up for lunch.  Just the two of us, no kids.  A very rare treat.
  • I have the Elon Musk book sitting on my nightstand, and I'm hoping I'll get to it at some point.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying the @BoredElonMusk Twitter feed.
  • DSW Shoes is finally open in London!  This is both wonderful and terrible news!
  • Jenn and I had a nice little random evening at Buffalo Wild Wings - they have a lovely selection of wimpy mild flavours that are right up my alley.  Also, I've been eating terribly lately.

  • Cherry tomatoes are SO GOOD right now.  Every time I'm at my mom's house she seems to have a bowl of them sitting out on the table and I end up eating the entire thing.
  • Illbury + Goose is becoming quite the rising London company.  This weekend they finally opened a brick and mortar location - conveniently located less than a block from my work!
Back to the grind, folks.  Enjoy this last week of summer - at least we have the heat.  I'll be at home proof reading like a crazy person and organizing my upcoming reading assignments.

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