Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Outfit of the Day - Jeff Goldblum

When I was in Grade 8, I remember a project where we had to make a sports card about ourselves with all kinds of facts about us.  Favourite teams, favourite foods, stuff like that.  I clearly remember writing Jeff Goldblum down under "Favourite Actor".  Now this would have been in 1996, in prime Jurassic Park/Independence Day era.  Still, it seems like a bit of an odd choice for a 13 year old.  The love of Jeff Goldblum has only increased over the years - what can I say?  I love a silver fox.

So when I saw that Clashist made the Sexy Jeff tee - a pink shirt covered in images of the Goldblum - I had to have it.  Sure it was a splurge, but it's basically the greatest shirt in the world.

It's super soft too - one of those nice, thin tees that just feels snuggly.  I imagine the real Goldblum would feel the same way.

I wore it to work for the first time the other day, and the best part was that no one even batted an eye about it.  It's apparently pretty normal for me to wear something like this at work.  I consider that to be a compliment.

 I wish I had sized down with it though.  The sizes are listed as unisex, but for some reason I thought they used American Apparel shirts which are notoriously small (seriously, I just ordered a tank top that was an American Apparel shirt in an XL and it fit me like a medium) so I got a Large.  It fits fine, but I think a medium would have been just that little bit better.  In any case, it works fine with jeans and I just tucked it in with this nice stretchy grey pencil skirt to make it less sloppy at work.

I'd say that works for business casual, wouldn't you?

Shirt - Clashist
Skirt - Old Navy
Sandals - Aldo

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