Thursday, 20 August 2015

Old Stuff in the Summer

The thrift stores are starting to put out their Halloween stuff, which means I won't be checking them out as often.  I hate how busy they get at Halloween and how the store is taken over by the seasonal items.  I get it, and I'm glad that it's a busy season for them, but it just makes for crappy browsing.  And I am all about the browsing.

Last week I checked out the new Value Village location on Dundas East - it's nice and close to my work so it's perfect for lunch breaks.  I didn't find too much to take home with me, but I took some pictures for you guys!

I gave some serious consideration to this porthole mirror, but didn't have a place for it and balked at the price.

Even though I do not need any more glasses, I couldn't resist these two centennial mugs!  The graphics on one of them is a little crooked, I love them.  They're my new favourite water glasses.

I was pretty amused by this little valet/tie rack.  The box looked so fancy...

You could hang your ties on the little bars at the bottom and then it opened for your cufflinks and stuff.  The back of the box was angled so it would sit nicely against the wall.  I seriously considered bringing it home, but I couldn't justify it since I haven't figured out how to wear ties without looking like a young Avril Lavigne.  Believe me, I've tried.

I did have to take home the large round Florida tray though - it matches the small one I've had since high school!  I seem to be helpless at resisting the allure of a kitschy souvenir platter, I have quite the collection of them.

I hit up the Brydges Street Antique Mall the other day too, one of my usual wandering places.

I fell in love with this recipe box, because lobster.  The only thing I love more than a flamingo (which you will notice are all over that Florida tray) is a lobster.  Sadly this little box was $18, so I left it.

More of my Texaco glasses!  I love the pattern so much.  It's pretty much worn off on my mugs because I use them so often, so I should probably cave and buy more of them.

Once booth had a whole bunch of neon beer signs.  Most of them seemed reasonably priced, but were noted "as is" so I'm doubtful that they work.  I think it's pretty expensive to repair neon signs too.  It's a shame, I do love them.

You know I couldn't leave this little London Free Press tray behind!  It was $8 and I can't wait to hang it up on my London wall!

I had these coasters in my hand and put them back.  Now I'm kind of regretting it, but I never use coasters so it felt like it would just be another thing sitting around.  They were $6.

YOU GUYS - HINES MUGS FROM BECKERS!  Like I said, I need more glasses like I need a hole in my head, but come on.

I check on this pair of mirrors all the time.  They're like $30 each though, which is too much for me.  I would love them in a rumpus room though.

Yay for Canadian stamps!  I loved how nicely they were mounted, but didn't want to pay for it.

But this guy definitely had to come home with me, especially since he was only $6.  Again with the souvenir trays!  I can't get enough of them.

This little hutch would be a perfect bar - that middle section folds down to a flat surface, perfect for mixing up drinks.  It was only like $125 too.

Easily the creepiest thing in the place.

Damn, I love these pink lockers.  I mean, they're pink lockers.  Explain to me what's not to love.  They would be great in Vivian's room - they're $148 for one section though, and it wouldn't really look right unless you got at least two.

Ugh, these.  These bad boys literally stopped me in my tracks.  They're vintage paint by numbers and I've seen them around on other blogs before.  I love them, hard.  They're priced at $30 each, and I felt like it was a little steep considering they were in homemade frames and were just cardboard at the back.  I seriously, seriously thought about it though.  And there's still a good chance I'll go back.  Sigh.

That's all for those trips - let me know if you find any stray lobster or flamingo paraphernalia!

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Jeux said...

I'm glass obsessed too! You know what my defense is? Glass breaks. I'm always buying vintage glasses and I'm also always breaking them, so it's nice to have more pretty glasses to look at so you don't feel so bad when your pretty pink striped tumblers crack!

I also love those pink lockers and the flamingos. I wonder if they're still there? Pink and turquoise are my weaknesses!