Friday, 28 August 2015

More Art Than Walls

I've always had the pleasant problem of having more art than I have walls on which to hang it.  Whenever I see an article that's like, "Are gallery walls out?" I'm legit baffled because there's no way I would be able to hang all my beloved things if I didn't have gallery walls here there and everywhere.  I love being surrounded by things that are meaningful and awesome, what can I say?

After my recent trip to Windsor Comicon I'm in trouble though.  I love going to Artist's Alley at a comicon - you get to chat with artists and can pick up some really awesome prints for great prices.  So say hello to the pile of things currently waiting for frames.

Not from Comicon, but still hanging around...

A print from Morley.

And this great one by Rob Ozborne.

Then from Comicon...

I got this pair of prints for Vivian's room. 

And yes, I do need a Kaiju poster from Pacific Rim.  Because I'm an ADULT.

The same goes for why I need this Robin Hood poster.

I kind of wanted to buy everything from Fabled Creative.  This Godzilla print has a real Shepard Fairey vibe to it.

And of course I needed Furiosa!  They had an awesome shiny and chrome edition that was done in metallic paint, but it was too much for me.

I mean, how much more Canadian could this Gibson Quarter print be?  Captain Canuck and Tim Horton's.  Definitely needed it for the Canadiana wall.

So let me know if you see any good sales on frames for 11x14 prints, okay?

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