Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Very Vivian - Art Everywhere

Vivian is becoming quite the prolific artist, so tonight we took some time and a little sticky tack to hang up some things in her room.  I think she's seen enough of the weird stuff I hang on the walls throughout the rest of the house and decided to take a stab at it in her own space.  She wanted some of my Canadiana so I gave her some Canadian Tire money and a spare $2 bill, along with some old IKEA art cards I had around.

The rest was filled with pictures she had drawn herself.  She loves to draw and practice her writing, so I always make sure there's lots of new notebooks and pens and markers on hand to encourage her.

She was so proud of herself for hanging things up on her own, and I'm sure it isn't going to stop here.  I can remember when I was young and just wanting to hang anything I liked on the wall.  I suppose I've never really outgrown that.  In high school I even covered my ceiling with pages I had torn out of magazines.

Between the two of us at this rate we should have the whole house wallpapered in no time.

It also appears that I've lost my mirror for outfit post purposes - I'll have to come up with an alternate arrangement!

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